Katelynn is the sister to AJ Lee. She starts in NXT then to the main roster under the ring name KJ Lee but along the way she falls for the Irish cute 'the demon' or will a friend of hers that's been with her sister get in the way or another guy on the roster.
Follow along with KJ Lee and her friends to see if she is crazy, sassy enough to be in the ring.


6. SIX

"Listen I know everything of what happen with you and Thomas but would you like to be my girlfriend?" Katelynn looked at me shocked,
"Fergal I don't know. I didn't know if you liked me like that." I looked at her like really I just confessed that I want you to be my girlfriend and you want to know if I really like you. She nodded and I kissed her forehead,
"KJ Balor, KJ Balor!" I just love the NXT crowd.

Once we got back stage, Nick passed by me all pissed off. I shrugged it off cause nothing could upset this moment, I won against Nick which his on the main roster and I just got the most beautiful girl ever to be my girlfriend so yeah nothing could ruin this moment.
"Great job out there!" Punk said once we met up after I showered and changed. I said thanks and we went to get something to eat and then back to my place. Katelynn said that April and Phil could stay the night at her place, since the hotel they were going to be staying at was booked. So we went to her apartment first I would just walk to my apartment.

"While I'm sorry for being a party pooper but I believe we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow so I'm going to be going to bed. Katelynn come with me!" April whined, Katelynn rolled her eyes and went with her sister. I chuckled at them,
"My sister would do that with me and my brothers when we were all little." Phil chuckled too and then yelled her name.
"What!" she yelled back.
"Did you know that your sister hogs the bed!" I laughed and looked toward the hallway they were in. Katelynn came out in a XL t-shirt and grey short shorts with her hair down, same did her sister.
"You look cute like that!" I said, Katelynn blushed and tried to hide her face in the crook of my neck.
"Don't do that you still look cute." Katelynn squeaked,
"There's miss mouse!" Phil said. I look at her and him,
"When Phil and I would be on the road, sometimes Katelynn would come with us like on breaks an stuff like that for her schooling. But anyway she had the biggest crush on Randy Orton so every time she would be around him she would squeak an Randy soon caught on it and everyone knows that his the viper so he would grab Katelynn and through her over his shoulder til she stopped squeakin. So everytime a cute guy is around or if someone makes a cute remark about her, she squeaks." and right on queue Katelynn squeaked. I never stopped smiling til Phil and April left to their room,
"I better get to my room, gotta get my bag packed and make sure I have everything." she nodded and walked me to the front door. I kissed her on her cheek and forehead.
"Night baby!" she smiled, blushed and kissed me on the cheek.


Katelynn's POV
I woke up to Phil leaning over me with a wash cloth dripping water on my face.
"PHILLIP!" I yelled he started laughing and ran out of my room, I saw April in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. "Got you up didn't he!" April said I smirked and heard a knock on the door. I walked up and opened it, Fergal was standing there.
"How are you up this early?" I asked he shrugged and I let him in.
"While at least I'm up an dressed Katepop!" I flipped off Phil an started walking to my room,
"What pretty language sister!" Phil said.

After getting dressed and making sure everything was packed we left to the airport.
"You calling grandma or should I?" I asked April.
"I'll call her, can you go get me a pack of gum and a bottle of water!" I nodded and started to get her two things, "KJ Lee!" I heard couple girls yell. I looked and saw them in the little airport store I was going into.
"Hey girls! How are you?" I said smiling.
"We're fine! Can we get a picture and autograph?" I nodded and signed their autograph books they carried with them then posed for a picture.
"Can't believe we met you!" one of the girls said I smiled. I always loved meeting the fans. Then a guy around my age came up behind the girls, he smiled and turned around.
"I was right it is KJ! You were wrong it's not AJ." I smiled and laughed.
"While that isn't the first time I got mistaken for my sister!" I said, I took a couple photos with the young guys and then got my sisters stuff and myself a water.

We finally got to Milwaukee . I was glad to be home, I heard someone calling my name and Aprils. We looked an saw Uncle Dan. I hurried up and ran to my uncle,
"Katebell!" he said and began to give me the best hug ever.
"Hey Katelynn!" I saw Matt, gave him a hug also and introduced Fergal to my uncle and cousin.
"While let's get your guys bags and go back to grandma's, she's making roast with potatoes and carrots." Then my stomach started to growl, Uncle put his arm around me said
"Katebell's hungry!" I smiled and we left the airport.

Uncle and Matt were questioning Fergal to death about anything under the sun all the way to grandma's house which is in the outskirts of Milwaukee, she and Grandpa loved the outdoors so they both bought a two-acre land. But once grandpa past Michael, Uncle Dan live their, Matt comes over an helps out once his done with is job, he owns a store that sells grandma and grandpa's veggies and her flowers.
"What do you say Matt. Is he alright of what he told us to be with are Katebell." I slapped both of them playfully on the shoulder.
"What you're dad told us to question him before he comes tomorrow!" I sighed and shook my head.
"You're fine Fergal just know that Punk and I will kick your ass though." Fergal chuckled and nodded.
"Don't worry I wouldn't dream of hurting her." My face never stopped smiling I put my head on his shoulder til we got to grandma's.
Once their grandma was outside with dad, Michael and her best friend Dot. While Uncle and Phil got are bags, I told them both that I would help but both said that I should just go see grandma. I gave grandma the biggest hug ever, along with my dad, Michael and Dot.
"You must be Fergal!" grandma said, he nodded and gave her a hug.
"You can call me grandma as while everyone calls me it and this is Katelynn's cousin Michael an my best friend Dot." Fergal's smile never left.
"You know what my grandmother's name is Dot." Dot smiled and gave him a hug,
"Hope nothing brought out bad memories." He shook his head no and we all went inside.

Fergal and I shared a room but there were two beds,
"Hope you don't mind but I snore?" Fergal said I shook my head,
"It's fine, April says I snore." He chuckled.
"No you don't I know I do." i started laughing, he pulled me toward him.
"Glad you came here with me. I love my family but sometimes I need someone that's not related or married into here." Fergal kissed my forehead and held me.
"You know that I probably would be texting you like crazy along with Rami cause I would be bored." I giggled and we stared at each other it seemed like forever but probably a couple minutes.
"Katelynn Jane you get down here and help me outside." I sighed and yelled back
"Alright! What are we going?" I stood there,
"Firewood and checking the garden." I yelled
"Alright let me get on my boots and a different shirt." He said alright and I grabbed my suitcase and got those things out.
"What kind of garden does your grandma have." Fergal asked,
"Oh it was my grandpa's and hers but there's veggies like tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and corn. For grandma's side there's flowers like roses, daisies and my personal favorite tiger lilies." he nodded and turned around as I changed my shirt to a old one I had.
As I walked downstairs, dad was already outside.

"Fergal, son I need help also." Uncle said we both looked each other,
"Katelynn sweetie you're wanted outside!" Dot said I smirked at her like I didn't know and walked outside.
"Daddy!" I yelled.
"Over here!" once I got to where dad was he was chopping up the firewood.
"Go get the water hose and water everything." I nodded an ran to get the water hose.

Once everything was done, dad gave me a bottle of water.
"So you're new boyfriend." I rolled my eyes,
"Daddy!" I groaned.
"What!!" he said in the same matter.
"I'm just worried that you will get hurt, even thou he says he will not hurt you." I nodded and looked across the lawn to were Fergal, Michael, Phil and Uncle Dan are they were making sure that the animals that grandma had to have, Grandma wanted to have dogs and cats around so there would no prowlers around to get to the gardens and mouse to get into the house or getting in the shack/barn.
"Fergal is a nice gentleman. His going to be the one I can feel it. But remember take it slow Katelynn, I don't want to be a grandpa right now." I nodded and said
"I don't want to be a mom right now but someday I want to be." He put his arm around me and kiss the top of my head.
"Love ya you know." I looked up at him,
"I know daddy! Love you too!" I got up and grabbed the hose, dad was going to get something from the ground.

"Hey daddy!" he turned an I drench him, he started to chase me around the yard.
"Katelynn you little!" I giggled and kept on running toward the guys,
"Help! Daddy's after me." I yelled, Michael grabbed me by the waist and held me there, dad grabbed the water bottle Michael had and dumped it on me.
"Oh so cold!" I yelled.
"Really how about this!" I looked at Fergal, he was smiling at me and laughing. I was tossed on Michael's shoulder and he was walking to the pond, I started screaming.
"Fergal help me!" I said laughing.
"Sorry babe but you did start it." I sighed an started hitting Michael on the butt.
"Katelynn, here you go!" I plugged my nose and was ready to do in the water.
"One, Two, Three!" and he throw me in the water. It was freezing but I was alright,
"Michael Gregory." I yelled, all guys were laughing.
"Sorry baby girl. Michael loves to make sure he gets you while you're here." I nodded and got out the pond.
"While lucky for you I love ya. I'm going in and taking a shower." All nodded and Phil came with me, he carried me so I could get in the hose faster.

After taking my shower and getting in some new clothes I was going down to help grandma with setting the table. Aunt Kris was home from work,
"Where's Katelynn at?" I heard her asking.
"Right here Aunt Kris." She gave me a hug and then helped me in the dining room.
Once the table was set, I talked with family. Also it turns out Michael is a dad his baby mama dropped off little Ansley to her dad. I was holding her an about to feed her when.
"Katelynn could I talk to you please?" April said I wanted to shake my head no but I saw her face and decided against it. We went into her and Phil's room.
"What's the matter sis!" April was freaking out, she was pacing around the room.
"I don't know how to say this but..." Phil came into the room.
"Phil, baby! What do you need?" she asked, April was not going to tell her husband this. Must be something very serious, hopefully nothing bad.
"Nothing it's just dinner's ready and grandma told me to get you two." We both nodded and I looked at April, she really wanted to talk to me.
"Phil can you tell grandma that we will be down in a minute we kind of need to talk about something." He looked at April then back at me and nodded.
"You alright baby?" Phil said and he brought April to his chest.
"I just want to talk to me sister alone, is that alright with you." Phil smirked and walked out the room.

"April what's the matter? You sick!" she shook her head no,
"Um er...Katelynn you're going to be a aunt!" a smile a mile wide was spread across my face.
"Oh my gosh! You're pregnant! I can guess you haven't told Phil yet." She shook her head.
"I don't know how he will react I mean his home yes we both our retired but I don't know if his ready to be a dad." I shook my head at my sister.
"April you're going to be the best mom ever and Phil will be the best dad ever. I know it there is no doubt in my mind that he will not be mad of becoming a dad. When do you think you're going to tell him?" I said.
"Tonight and I'll tell everyone else at dinner on Thanksgiving." still a smile on my face I walked out the room with my sister and saw Phil with Michael's daughter. I leaned over and whispered into April's ear,
"See his going to be a great dad, look at the way his with little Ansley." She nodded an walked in the room. I sat next to Fergal and Dad.

When dinner was done we all went outside to grandma's outdoor .
"Katelynn!" I turned to see Michael with his guitar, I shook my head.
"You know I don't sing anymore without grandpa." Fergal nudged me,
"I haven't heard you sing yet!" I smirked at him,
"An you never will." April through me a piece of paper. I looked up at her, she mouthed
"Open it" I shook my head and opened it.
Please sing! Here's the one you can do: God bless the broken road.
I nodded to my sister and showed Michael. As I was singing I looked around at all the people I was with. I loved them all they all were there to support me and what I wanted to do.
At last I saw Fergal, he smiled me lucky I wasn't standing cause my legs buckled with his smile. He took my hand into his and kissed it. I didn't know it but grandma was looking at the both of us, she knew I was happy she also knew that I found the one. Truth to be told I even knew I found the one and I believed Fergal did the same as while.

Once I was done everyone clapped, I looked an saw Matt had Ansley, she fell asleep to my singing.
"You did it again Katebell, you made another toddler fall asleep." Dan said, I laughed cause it's true before I was in wrestling I was a child care worker and I would sing to all the toddlers before nap time.
"Why don't you sing Michael!" I said, Michael shook his head no.
"Come on Michael! I sang how about you." He still shook his head no.
"You have the voice Katelynn not me." I knew I wasn't going to win so I dropped the subject.
"Baby you sing beautiful!" Fergal whispered to me,
"Thanks! But I didn't sing that well." he shook his head,
"You were amazing!" I giggled and he kissed the temple on my head. I rested my head in the crook of his neck an looked at the fire. I wish that this night wouldn't end.  

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