Katelynn is the sister to AJ Lee. She starts in NXT then to the main roster under the ring name KJ Lee but along the way she falls for the Irish cute 'the demon' or will a friend of hers that's been with her sister get in the way or another guy on the roster.
Follow along with KJ Lee and her friends to see if she is crazy, sassy enough to be in the ring.



April's POV (dun, dun, dun)

Katelynn and Fergal looked so cute together! I took out my phone and took a picture of them and I sent it to her. Once Katelynn looked at her phone she looked at me and smiled then showed Fergal, I missed my sister. I knew that Fergal wouldn't hurt her and that I could see him and her together forever. I looked at my husband Phil, he was sitting next to me talking to Dan. 

"Phil I need to talk to you!" I said and got up. I knew he was walking behind me. Once inside the house, 

"What's the matter?" I knew he was scared and worried about what I had to say. Wishing he could read my mind I took a notepad and pen instead of saying it. After writing I handed it to him. His face was priceless, 

"I'm going to be a dad!" I nodded, 

"Yeah I'm pregnant, I found out last week but I didn't want to tell you. That's what I was talking to Katelynn about, yes she knew before you but I was scared of what you would say or do so I had to tell my sister." I was now even more scared cause I told Katelynn before I told my own husband I was pregnant. He surprised me, he pulled me toward him. 

"No I'm not upset with you I understand that you would be scared of what all is happening in our lives. But I hope to know the gender first." I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. After pulling away both of us were smiling and not letting go. I loved this man and I know that both of us thanks to Katelynn we are going to be the greatest parents ever.


Fergal's POV

I woke up to the smell of bacon an maple syrup, so I lean forward and saw Katelynn still sleeping in the bed next to me. She looked so peaceful, I saw a faint smile on her lips. 

"What are you dream about love!" I whispered to myself and moved some hair from her face. I couldn't believe she was mine, she said yes to me. I knew girls/ladies loved me around the world an trust me I seen some of the stories that are out but I always wondered why they loved me. I was the most shyest person ever an hell I played with Legos but I guess everyone likes what they like. I didn't hear the door open, 

"Fergal can I talk to you!" I turned shocked to see Katelynn's dad standing there. 

"Yes sir." He nodded and left the room.

After getting into some clean clothes I walked downstairs. 

"Good morning sweetie." Katelynn's grandmother said I smiled and took a piece of toast that she had on the table. 

"Daniel is outside, he told me to tell you that!" I nodded an proceed outside.

"You wanted to talk to me sir?" once outside he was leaning over his truck engine. 

"Yea! You know how to work on engines?" Daniel asked looking straight at me. Truthfully I only know the basics just to check on something but nothing like working full on one. 

"Only the basics sir." He looked under his truck from something, 

"Good enough come over here." I did as I was told. 

"You know now I have to give you the father to my daughter's boyfriend talk right!" I nodded an chuckled at it cause it reminded of my dad doing the same thing to my sister's boyfriends. 

"Good cause all I'm going to tell you is like you heard from Phil, Dan, Matt and Michael if you hurt her you will be found an in a lot of trouble for it." I nodded an he handed me a ragged to check the dip-stick. 

"Also I'm going to tell you to tell me about your background. You know Family, what you do, stuff like that." I just kept on nodding. 

"While sir!" I was cut off to him holding his hand out. 

"Call me Daniel, son!" I nodded. 

"While Daniel, I'm from Ireland. My family is all back there, my mom, dad, three brothers and one sister. We all live closer together from our houses, I have two nieces and one nephew (A.N. I didn't look this up it's true but I will NOT disclose names unless made up which I will tell you since for the sake of our favorite wrester's personal life) 

After telling him my families names and everything back home I told him about little of my wrestling career. 

"You're quite the athlete. I was in wrestling in high school but I only liked it to just get the girls." Both of us laughed, 

"Was an All-American and won I believe it was six championships. I started in middle school. My baby girl, she was quite the pistol growing up." I started smiling, I already knew that she was like her sister but stories about Katelynn from her dad let's see how she really was growing up. 

"I remember one day she was getting ready for the day since it was break, Katelynn wasn't the biggest on dresses or girly things. I tried getting her the stuff but she always was with April's brother her half-bro, wrestling and fighting about anything. But anyway Katelynn came down the stairs in shorts a lion king shirt and yellow rain boots." I about dead of laughing. 

"Oh my gosh, I can picture it right now." I said trying to contain my laughing, 

"Katelynn sat at the table getting her cereal while I got dressed, I soon heard the TV turning on in the kitchen. Of course I let her watch til we left, but once I walked in the kitchen I saw Katelynn jump from the table doing a frog splash to one of her dolls. She acted like she won and I scooped her up in my arms and she said. 'I'm the greatest wrestler ever, daddy I won the popcorn belt.' I just shook my head an set her down. I knew that she was going to do something in wrestling!" I shook my head and we heard the door open, 

"Morning daddy, Fergal." Katelynn said walking over to us and give me a hug. 

"Morning Pumpkin!" Daniel said, 

"Morning baby." I felt her dad look at me after I said that, 

"What are you two doing?" Katelynn asked. 

"While I'm talking to your boyfriend while checking on Michael's truck. He said that something was clicking so I told him that I would check it out this morning. Also could you go inside and get him, I have a couple questions for him." She nodded an walked inside, I watch her go inside an then looked at back at Daniel. 

"I my like you Fergal but you will not call her that just yet. I told the same thing to Phillip, the perfect time to call her that is when you two have gone out atleast a month cause you don't know if you two will make it passed that." I looked at where he was pointing to the road. 

"The road sir!" I asked he looked an saw nothing, so he walked down the driveway. 

"That my son." I stood next to him there was a van with about six people in it. 

"Aunt Cricket!" I heard Katelynn yell. 

"Katelynn!" three boys came out an ran to her. "Kristen is the toughest person you have get through. You might have a chance cause that family watches wrestling not just because of April or Katelynn, Phillip was lucky cause Kristen aka Cricket was the biggest fan of CM Punk." I nodded and Cricket saw me. 

"You're that guy they say is the demon?" I nodded and put out my hand and she shook it. 

"Aunt Cricket this is Fergal my boyfriend." She nodded an looked me up and down and walked over to Katelynn and asked her a question. I was actually getting scared, she was tough I could tell. 

"Why don't you just go talk to him!" I heard Katelynn tell her aunt. 

"Fergal right!" I nodded, 

"Let's get one thing straight you don't test me or my family. Everyone in this family has gotten through a lot of shit so, you have to promise me that you are not going to bring any more bad shit in this house." I looked at Katelynn, she was holding one of her cousins and looking at me worried. I knew I shouldn't have but I looked at her aunt, she was scary. 

"I promised mam." She smirked and walked to Katelynn again. 

"I'll tell you guys before dinner if I approve." She nodded and carried her cousin over to me. 

"Sorry for that Fergal, Aunt Cricket is one of the toughest people besides Uncle Dan and dad to get past. April and Phil thought that they will not be together cause of Aunt Cricket's love for Phil's character CM Punk." I smirked an walked with her inside the house.

After talking to Katelynn's other uncle Pete he approved of me but one things for sure I was sweating bullets it was almost time for her Aunt to tell us if she approves of us being together.

 "Fergal come here?" Katelynn asked, I walked over to her and put an arm around her. 

"You scared?" she asked. I shook my head no but she gave me that look of you're wrong. 

"Fine I'm sweating bullets babe. But wouldn't you be too." Katelynn snuggled up to me. 

"Yeah I'm scared too. I want to be with you but in my family if she doesn't like you then you best get out or she and her sons will make every minute you're here a living nightmare." I started to chuckle but she wasn't laughing. 

"Sorry Katelynn but what would she and her sons do." Katelynn didn't say a word all she did was walk away toward Phil and April. 

"Katelynn serious what would she do." I asked her again while walking behind her, yet still quite she asked April something. April looked at me and motioned for me to come closer. 

"She almost didn't let us be together. You see she was married before she met Uncle Pete, she has been divorced like three times. Her oldest daughter was married to a guy her mom hated, like literally hated. Her daughter didn't listen to her so when he left her two weeks later she begged for her mom to help her, since then she has listened to her and once grandma heard of that she has had Cricket decide on every guy we have brought over. Anyway she almost didn't let us be together cause of his career, I had my career yes but she didn't see that all she saw was his career. She said that even thou I had the same career but she didn't want me to see him cause he could leave me in a heartbeat." Katelynn grabbed my hand and intertwined are fingers, April and Phil left. 

"Katelynn! I need to talk to you?" Cricket yelled from the house porch.


Katelynn's POV

I rolled my eyes and walked over to were my aunt is. 

"You wanted to talk to me!" I asked, she grabbed my arm an brought me inside grandma's house.

"You're not going to be with him anymore!" my eyes went wide. 

"WHAT! Aunt Cricket, why not!" I yelled. 

"Because I don't want my youngest niece calling grandma or me telling us that he broke your heart." I rolled my eyes and walked to the living room. 

"Girls! What are you yelling about?" I sighed an sat at the couch. 

"Ladies, tell grandma what is the matter!" I looked at my aunt. 

"Caroline, please remind Katelynn that you put me in charge." I shook my head an looked outside to see Fergal, he was throwing the football with my cousins. 

"Look Aunt Cricket! Fergal is playing with Zach and Dylan. His sweet, caring and look how his with your kids." I pointed outside. She looked outside then back to me, 

"All men lie, his just showing that side of him. His sweet talk will make you goofy and then he will take the rug right out from under you." Grandma sighed and came over to me. 

"If your aunt says no then no Katelynn. You know what happened to her daughter. How about you go out there an tell him to go to a hotel and get on a plane tomorrow back to Florida." I started bawling an ran outside.

Once outside Phil saw me and ran after me. 

"Katelynn! Slow down, where you going." I yelled out, 

"Nothing just leave me alone." I knew he wouldn't but you never know maybe he would listen for once. 

"Katelynn!" I heard Fergal yelling after me. I stopped an turned around. 

"Really! You stop for him but not for your own brother." I rolled my eyes an looked at him. 

"Phil! Don't start with me!" I yell at him, he backed up with his arms up. 

"Katelynn, you're acting just like April when she an Cricket other. Oh!" I shoved him and started walking away. 

"Baby, Katelynn!" Fergal said, he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him. 

"Baby, please. Tell me what happened!" I looked into his blue eyes, I couldn't tell him that I have to break us up. I like him a lot, Cricket doesn't know what she's talking about. 

"Katelynn, what did your aunt say?" I shook my head an tried walking away again but Fergal held me tighter. 

"I'm not going to leave til you tell me what happened." I wiped my tears and told him that she doesn't what us being together that she thinks you are just some guy that will sweep the rug right under me and leave, an that he had to leave to a hotel an leave the first thing tomorrow. Fergal didn't do anything but hold onto me an kiss my head til I was done crying.

"Listen baby! If that's what your family manly her thinks then I will leave an I will see you when you come back in a couple days. You're here to see and be with your family, I'm not wanted." I shook my head an looked up at him, 

"No I want you here. I don't care what they say I want to be with you." Phil came up to us,

 "Katelynn, I want you guys to be together. But Cricket has told her word an everyone has to listen, you know what happened when Michael tried. He wasn't aloud to come to the house with her in it for six months." I sighed an rested my head on Fergal's chest. 

"Guys dinner is ready!" Dad yelled while coming to us. I looked at him, 

"Hey what's wrong!" I shook my head an said nothing. 

"Katelynn I know you better than anyone. Now what's the matter?" so I told him what I told Fergal, dad knew by the way I was acting and the look on my face that I truly wanted to be with Fergal.

"Here how about we go eat than we can all talk afterward." I nodded an we left to go eat.

While eating Aunt Cricket just glared at the both of us an dad. Grandma was just glaring at dad for disobeying Cricket. After putting away all the food and putting my cousins to work on cleaning the dishes, we all went outside to the patio.

It was quiet til Cricket broke it. 

"Katelynn what did I til you!" I stood out from my seat, 

"Aunt Cricket you may have been right with Courtney's situation and many others but you were wrong with April and Phil. An you are wrong with Fergal and I." after saying that she got out of her chair and stood in my face. 

"You really don't want to go down this path Katelynn. Just like I told April, yes you are in the same career and it could go either way but he will leave you for someone better. Hell Katelynn his foreign, what makes you think that his not fooling around with anyone else or that he is just pulling an act on you." Fergal got out of his chair and stood by me. 

"Cause my parents taught me to respect a lady an if I do love her then I should treat her like a princess that she is. If you don't want to us to be together then that's fine but I will not stop loving her an we will continue to date." I looked at him surprised that he said he loves me even thou we have only be going out for a couple days. 

"Yes Katelynn I love you. I have since while the day I called your dad an grandmother." A smile hasn't left my face since the first love you, I held his hand and looked at my aunt. 


"April and Phil are together and they are in the same career we are in. An you let them be together, why is that!" my Aunt looked at my sister and Phil then back to us. 

"I let them be together cause, yes I did say the same I told you to him but they told me to wait til the last day they were here to say my peace, but with you the so called 'Demon King' you give me a bad vibe and I saw the way you wrestle. I don't want my niece to call one day an say I was right, she deserves someone better not the same path as her sister, which I'm also saying is not bad but I still don't want her to go down that path." I had heard enough, so I stormed back into the house with dad behind me and Fergal to follow. 

"Honey, please stop. Maybe she is right, we all saw videos of him. I like him but for my daughter, no." I looked at my father, 

"Then why did you say yes to me to asking her out?" Fergal yelled. 

"Cause at the time I didn't know you, I haven't see any of your videos." I scoffed an stormed inside the house an to my room.

Couple minutes later Fergal came into the room. I was looking outside my window at the stars, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. We stayed like that for a while. 

"I want to leave. I don't want to see anyone out there anymore!" Fergal turned me around, I looked back up to him. 

"Are you sure?" I thought about it, an nodded. 

"I know I'll regret this later but if you leave I leave. Even thou we haven't been together for that long but I have or we have..." he kissed me to shut up. It shocked me at first but I started to kiss him back. After are kiss I looked at him and smiled, he smiled to an said. 

"I'm glad you said that, I wouldn't leave you for anything. I would have came back tomorrow anyway." my smile grew after that. 

"See there is another reason I love you." He pulled me closed an kissed my nose.

I called a cab and we packed are bags. I wrote grandma a letter an laid it on her bed with a list she asked of us to leave her for Christmas. Since they were all outside on the back porch we could sneak out. Once inside the cab, I took out my phone an texted April.

Me: Hey sis! Sorry to text you like this but Fergal and I are leaving. We are already in a cab. I don't want to leave him, you know what I mean. I was there for you when this happened to you, so can you please not tell them that we are gone. Let them figured that out themselves. I wrote grandma a letter and I will call her tomorrow. I'm not mad you and Phil but anyway Love You!

After sending that I turned my phone off. We got a hotel, since April and Phil will try an find us at the ones in town. Fergal suggested that we take the cab to a hotel to the next town, I agreed and did that. Since he paid for the cab ride and hotel I got the tickets back to Florida. I took a shower and laid in bed next to Fergal, he wrapped his arms around me. 

"I would miss this, if I took her advice." He chuckled an agreed. We watched a movie an feel asleep. 

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