Katelynn is the sister to AJ Lee. She starts in NXT then to the main roster under the ring name KJ Lee but along the way she falls for the Irish cute 'the demon' or will a friend of hers that's been with her sister get in the way or another guy on the roster.
Follow along with KJ Lee and her friends to see if she is crazy, sassy enough to be in the ring.


1. ONE


"Katelynn Jane get down here an see me or I'm coming up."

I heard my sister April aka AJ Lee. I rushed downstairs and gave my older sister a hug,

"Hey little girl!" I turned around an saw Phillip aka CM Punk or aka my brother in law.

"Punkie!" I said, he chuckled and I jumped an hugged him.

"I can't believe that my sister is going to be on NXT!" April said, I let go of Phil and smiled at my sister. "Kate, April, Phillip time for dinner." Dad said.

"You ready Katepop!" Phil yelled from downstairs. I smiled.

Ever since April and him were together and them getting married I've called him Punkie and he calls me Katepop, April loves that him and me are so close.

"Coming down!" I tossed my bag over the ledge.

"You're crazy! Lucky I know where you get it from!" I smirked an quickly grabbed my bag and rushed downstairs.

"Good Luck baby! See you later!" dad said I smiled and gave him a hug and we left.

April an I are half-sisters same mom but different dads. My real dad takes full care of me. I changed my last name to Aprils' maiden name, I love my dad but I always was close to my sister and everyone would call us the Mendez sisters. Oh speaking of her, April said to me one time that she considers my dad a dad but she wouldn't say that to him.

April and Phillip drove me to the airport and stayed with me til I boarded my plane.

"Since we have a little bit of time til I broad I have somethings to ask you?" both nodded,

"Both of you are not wrestling anymore, could I use some of your guys moves from in the ring?" AJ continued to smiled with glee that her sister is going to carry the tradition of crazy.

"Sure you can while mine but I'm not sure about Phil." I looked at him, he nodded and got up from his seat.

"Would you girls like something from Starbucks?" both of us nodded.

"Mocha with extra cream and two pumps of chocolate" both of us looked at each other and giggled.

"You two are not sisters, are you?" Phil said and left.

"How about you tell me which one of these guys is the cutest?" April said an handed me her phone, I looked an saw the NXT male roster with their pictures.

After looking over all of them, it was down to Tyler Breeze, Mojo Rawley, Finn Balor and Sami Zayn. April looked at my selection.

"I would have to pick Finn Balor." I nodded and Phil came back and handed both of us are drinks. After talking for a little bit longer someone came over the intercom.

"Flight to Orlando, Florida is now boarding. Flight to Orlando, Florida is now boarding" I looked at my sister and brother in law and gave them both a hug.

"Have a great time and don't get hurt to badly!" Phil said, I nodded and looked at April.

"Yeah don't get hurt so badly. Remember you can call me or us anytime!" I nodded an proceeded to broad. 


The next day!

Before I was going to the Performance center I thought hey I need something to drive so I called around. My dad was all too nice with me, he cosigned for my apartment and he said when I pick out the right vehicle that he would send me down the money. So that was want I was going to do, I took a cab to the nearest dealership. I looked at all the trucks and I finally decided to pick out a white range rover. I called my dad and he sent down the money, the guy said after they clear everything with his supervisor I could take my truck. Which didn't take that long soon I was going down the road.

AT NXT Performance Center

I walked through the doors to the performance center.

"Hey welcome to the performance center. Can I help you?" someone asked, I nodded.

"Yeah I'm Katelynn Mendez. I talked to Hunter yesterday and he said I'm supposed to come here and talk to Matt Bloom and also bring my duffle just in case they wanted me to go in the ring." He nodded an left somewhere,

"Hey can I help you with something?" I turned around an Finn Balor, I smiled and nodded.

"While someone went to go get Matt Bloom. I'm one of the newest divas in NXT!" he nodded and looked toward the doors guessing he was waiting for someone.

"Miss. Mendez!" I heard a guy's voice boom behind me, I turned around an saw Matt. April showed me who he looks like.

"Please call me Katelynn." He nodded,

"So Katelynn, I seen the videos and spoke to people in corporate and you have a very good road in front of you. How about today you can observe and check out the center and speak to the rest of the roster and maybe even if you want do a little in the ring" I nodded my smile never left my face.

"I see you already met are NXT champion Finn Balor." Matt said I looked him and smiled.

"Shy one isn't she! While then if you want Katelynn. You are gonna be in safe hands if Fergal wants to accompany you." Matt left and it was the both of us.

"While lets get started if you want to?" I nodded and I followed him.

"Katelynn, this is Pamela or Bayley, Leah or Carmella, Alexis or Alexa Bliss." Fergal said I smiled at all three of them.

"I heard a lot about you! You're AJ Lee's sister aren't you!" Alexis asked, I nodded

"Yes it's true. April was excited for me to be following in her footsteps of wrestling." She nodded.

"Katelynn!" I heard a guy, I turned an saw a guy jogging over to us.

"Matthew or Corey! Hi but Matt wants you to go the office to write down your Ring name and for you to pick out your theme song." I nodded and walked over to the office.


Ring Name: KJ Lee

My theme song is gonna be one of my sister's old themes. So I picked her third theme song Right Now. I always loved it.

"KJ Lee! What does KJ stand for?" I heard Finn's voice behind me.

"K because of Katelynn and J cause my middle name which is Jane." He nodded and I handed in the piece of paper.

"Great now all you have to do is get some ring attire." I smiled turning and walked around again. 


"Katelynn!" I recognize that voice.

"Nicky!" I yelled, I dropped my bag and ran and jumped on the show-off.

"How's the cutest girl I know!" I giggled an got off of him.

"I'm fine! How have you been. I never miss a match of yours!" he smiled and looked behind me. I turned an saw Fergal.

"Oh you guys must know each other! But this dude right here is my bestest friend in whole world." I smiled while saying that.

"Yeah we have met but not in good terms Katelynn!" Fergal said. I looked at Nick, he seemed pissed off.

"Katie could we go somewhere and talk?" I looked at everyone at the center who was watching the whole thing go down.

"Nick I'm supposed to be here. But once I'm done we could go get maybe a late lunch or maybe dinner." He nodded an gave me a hug and then left.


After spending two hours here, meeting and actually going in the ring with Alexa.

"Again you're good in the ring and that black widow is something." I smiled and continued to the locker room. I left my phone in my bag, I checked it and there was a texted from Nick.


Nicky: Hey gorgeous!

When you're done text me and I'll come an pick you up!


I smiled and texted back.


Me: Hey show-off!

I'm ready if you are, but I'll meet you at my place, just follow me!


After sending the messages I changed out of my gym clothes and into normal clothes.

"Katelynn, you were on fire in there! I can't believe you're related to freaken AJ Lee." Pamela said excitedly.

"So tell me! How old are you from her?" I looked at her confused but I told her anyway, everyone would want to know my birthday at some time.

"I'm while we are four years apart, my birthday is in July. July 13." she nodded and then went to her locker and took out some paper.

"Here is my number if you need anything. I'm a great listener." I took the piece of paper and then got some paper and wrote down my number for her.

"Hey beautiful!" once again my smile never left my face when Nick (Dolph Ziggler) came.

"Show-off!" I said, before Nick and I were going to drive away I heard a knock on my window. I rolled down the window an there was Fergal,

"Fergal! Was there something I had to do inside?" he shook his head no and looked at Nick.

"Katelynn I really don't feel right for you to be with him. How about I follow you home!" I looked at him then back at Nick.

How can Nick hurt me, I've known him since my sister and him were partnered together.

"Fergal it's sweet your looking out for me but I've known Nick practically my whole life and he would not hurt me. I'll be alright, if you want here's my number so you can make sure I'm alright later on tonight!" I handed him my number and I drove off.

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