Katelynn is the sister to AJ Lee. She starts in NXT then to the main roster under the ring name KJ Lee but along the way she falls for the Irish cute 'the demon' or will a friend of hers that's been with her sister get in the way or another guy on the roster.
Follow along with KJ Lee and her friends to see if she is crazy, sassy enough to be in the ring.



Day before Christmas EVE!

I drove to the airport to get Fergal's parents. He said that they wanted for me personally to go get them, thought that was weird but did anyway. 

"Yea I'm at the exact gate!" Fergal was making sure I got to the right gate. 

"Alright see you guys in a while. Love you!"

"Love you too!" an we hung up the phone. I felt a tug on my coat, I looked down an saw my Nephew standing there with a tiger lily. 

"Colt Ryan what are you going here!" he was giggling. 

"Relax he didn't fly on his own." I looked up an saw April, Phil, dad and my grandmother standing there. I broke down crying right there. 

"Katepop!" Phil cooed an pulled me toward him for a hug. 

"Katelynn! You love your surprise." I saw Fergal's parents (Emily and Finn) standing there with his three brothers and sister with her husband. 

"You all did this?" Finn shook his head an pointed behind me, I turned around an saw Fergal standing there. Tears were coming to my eyes I ran up to him an clashed my lips to his, I knew right then that I found the right one that I found my soul mate. 

"Hope you love your Christmas present!" I smiled an nodded, 

"It's the best present I have ever gotten."

We got back to our house, lucky we have enough room for everyone and room for air mattresses. 

"Those decorations you have out are beautiful!" Emily (Fergal's mom) acknowledged, 

"Yea it's Katelynn's favorite time of year. Once when we were little made a snowman at the beach made of sand." I was smiling from ear to ear again, 

"While like her said it's my favorite time of year." Fergal came up behind me an wrapped his arms around me. 

"Katelynn put on Christmas music in July. You're lucky I loved you for let you have that on." I elbowed him, 

"While it's the truth baby!" I smirked at him. After dinner an making sure Colt an Fergal's nieces and nephew was down for the night we went outside to the enclosed deck we had built. 

"Who did you get it like this?" Sara (Fergal's sister) asked me. 

"I've always wanted a enclosed deck an I also wanted it to be right for any weather. So we had it built an had it hooked up to the heat and air unit." She nodded and so did everyone else. 

"Katelynn could we talk to you for a minute in private." Grandma asked, I nodded.

As soon as we where away from ear shot, my grandma broke down crying. 

"Grandma what's the matter!" she continued to cry. 

"Here mom let me tell her." Dad offered, she nodded an tried to calm down. 

"You're aunt was adjust us coming here for this. But we thought this was enough, you yes choose him before your family but you proved that you two are might to be together. I already told Fergal this but I wanted you to know that I give my blessing for this and so does your grandma." the tears came again an I gave them a hug, 

"Alright lets get back to the group I think we are missing out on some good stories about our newest member." I laughed an then thought that I have the best family in the world.


Christmas day!!!

"Katelynn an I have a announcement to make?" I looked at Fergal, he nodded an I got out four bags from the closet. 

"We are just going to let you all just look in these bags!" I said. Fergal's, my dad, April and grandma all looked at each other like what in world is going on, but they started taking the paper out of the bags. April was the first one to look at the clothing, her face was priceless. 

"Oh my gosh! Katie! Oh my." She was shocked, "By this time next year we are going to have another one of these hanging up!" Fergal's mom said out loud, she looked up at us like what in world is this. 

"Yeah I'm think the same thing Emily. Sweetie what is this!" Grandma asked. 

"What would it mean if there's going to be another stocking up on the fireplace?" I asked, my dad got out of his seat and gave us a hug. 

"You guys are having a baby?" Emily asked, Fergal nodded. Finn got out of his seat and gave us a hug. 

"How far along are you?" dad asked, 

"Tomorrow will be two three months." Everyone was so happy and somewhat shocked about me an Fergal's baby.

During the wedding everyone including Fergal was crying. 

"You look beautiful baby girl!" now it was my turn to cry, I haven't see Fergal in less then 24 hours an right now I'm hungry and want this to be over with. 

"It's time!" dad told me.

It was now time for us to get married, once the doors opened I saw Fergal in his tux. My heart was fluttering with excitement. Once my dad handed me over to Fergal, he whispered to me. 

"Can't wait for you to be my wife, I love you!" I looked up at him smiling, 

"I love you too!"

After the ceremony we went back to the performance center. We both decided that we wanted to have the reception at the place we first met. 

"Congrats to the both of you!" Matt cheerfully told us, the night was awesome an fun.


Baby Time!!!

I was sitting at home, making sure everything was ready for our little girl to come. We already picked out a name for her. Maddlynn Bray Devitt. I picked out her first name an Fergal picked out the middle name. Her room was red an purple, I didn't like or matter of fact hated the color pink but loved purple, of course Fergal likes the color red an that was the color scheme. Anyway I was folding an putting her clothes away when I felt a sharp pain in my belly. 

"Fergal!" I yelled out, lucky he was home. I heard footsteps running up the stairs. 

"You alright baby!" I shook my head, 

"I think it's time." He looked at me funny, then another sharp pain came in the same area.

"Fergal take me to the hospital." I yelled. 

"Alright just calm down an breath remember relax, I'm going to be right there for you." I nodded an we went straight there.

"Alright Katelynn just a couple more." I was screaming an I think breaking Fergal's hand in process of having are little girl. 

"You're doing perfect. One.....two.....three...push." I pushed as hard as I could an I heard the most beautiful sound in the world. Maddlynn crying. After the whole procedure of snipping and washing Maddlynn up, I was in a room an could visitors. 

Pam came with Becky, Alexia, Sami and Neville came up. As I was holding Maddlynn, Fergal took a picture of us an I took one of him with his daughter. Sami took a picture of all of us.

All I can say is that I love my family an so far everything is perfect.

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