Katelynn is the sister to AJ Lee. She starts in NXT then to the main roster under the ring name KJ Lee but along the way she falls for the Irish cute 'the demon' or will a friend of hers that's been with her sister get in the way or another guy on the roster.
Follow along with KJ Lee and her friends to see if she is crazy, sassy enough to be in the ring.



Month later!

I walked into the locker room for tonight's NXT matches. Katelynn was on a streak since debuting three weeks ago and it's been a month yesterday since her an Thomas started dating. Everytime I see her with him all I want to do is punch him in the face and take Katelynn in my arms, kiss her and tell her that I love her that I want her to be with me. 

"Hey Fergal you ready for tonight?" Shinsuke asked. I nodded and continued lacing up my boots.

One thing that was great about tonight was that I get to beat up Thomas. I saw Katelynn in her gear sitting on one of the metal crates with Thomas standing infront of her with his arms around her. Katelynn giggled after Thomas said something and kissed her forehead, I walked up to the curtain and Katelynn saw me. 

"Hey Fergal! I haven't see you in a while. I miss hanging out with my friend." Once again my heart fell, friend zoned,

"Yea I miss hanging out with you too. Thomas hope we have a good match tonight." After I said that I knew that in the back of my mind I would have the best match I have other had. I had to make sure that Thomas walked out of the ring with a broken something.

"From Bray County Wicklow, Ireland! Finn Balor." Andrea D'Marco said, after she announced Thomas the bell rung an I went after him.

Time skip cause of Finn's accent!

Thomas was about to hit the end of days but I contorted and set it up for Coup de Grâce. I hit it and I believe I hit his jaw, hope I did. I covered him and got the win. While I was celebrating, Katelynn's theme came on, I turned around saw her skipping down the aisle. Everyone was chanting KJ Lee, she got into the ring and skipped around me and Baron. She looked down and then at me, her face was sad. She motioned for a mic, 

"Heyyy everyone!" Katelynn said all bubbly and cute and the crowd said Hey back in the same matter. 

"Finn Balor it's nice to finally see you in the ring. But why hurt Baron Corbin that bad you see him in pain but you don't feel bad." then Carmella's theme came on. 

"KJ, KJ, KJ! If you want to go play nurse with Corbin then go take him to the back and kiss his wounds. Not flap your pretty lips with look really chapped and no color." Katelynn rolled her eyes and skipped to the front of the ring toward Carmella. 

"Really mine are chapped! Look at yours, I didn't want to say anything but they look like two sun-dried green gummy worms but I guess Enzo and Cass don't care." Everyone boo'd. I grabbed a mic. 

"Ladies, what does this have to do with me winning against Baron Corbin. But just to clarify KJ looks Fabulous as always and Carmella you look beautiful while eh." Carmella through a fit and stomped her feet. Katelynn came over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. The crowd started chanting, 

"KJ Balor, KJ Balor!" I looked at Katelynn, she smiled an while the ref's help Baron to the back Katelynn stood by him.


Katelynn's POV

After going back stage, I looked at Fergal. 

"Fergal what the hell was that?" I sighed and said, 

"Katelynn I have to tell you something!" I guess I was taking to long cause she motioned her hand to hurry up. 

"The day I guess you an Thomas started going out, I called your dad and your sister I actually spoke to Phil but I asked them if I could ask you out. But once I heard you and him were going out I didn't want to go between you two, but I guess I had enough cause I believe I broke his jaw." Katelynn stepped backward an covered her mouth. 

"Fergal I didn't know you felt that way. But once you said that Nick was hurting the person I love I figured that something would happen but Thomas asked me out first I told him that I would think about it but I waited for you to ask til the end of that day. Thomas came to my apartment that night and asked if I wanted to and I said yes I was so excited that I text Pamela." Fergal turned around and left probably to his locker room. I sighed an went to check on Thomas.

I walked into the room and there was Thomas with one of trainers. His smile came after he saw me, I smiled at him. 

"You going to be alright?" I asked walking over to him, Thomas nodded and kiss me on the forehead. 

"Yeah I'll be alright but I will be sore." He got off the table and we walked out towards catering.

"You going to Kansas for Thanksgiving?" I said to him while I eat my grapes I got, he nodded and continued to drink his water an grab a handful of grapes. 

"Hey Thomas! What about your jaw." Thomas laughed. 

"It's fine right now I might regret it later but right now just want to see your reaction to that." I slapped him on the arm and laughed. I knew I shouldn't have but I did, I looked over to the bar of drinks and saw Fergal. Rami and him grabbed a tea and sat right next to us. 

"You still going to your grandma's?" I heard Thomas ask me, I nodded and took a drink of my red Gatorade. 

"Yea I am, April called me earlier. She wanted to know if you wanted to come that's why I asked if you were going to Kansas!" he nodded. Thomas grabbed my hand and intertwined are fingers. 

"KJ you're next." I heard one of the stage hands say behind me. I got up and through away my bowl of stems from my grapes and I grabbed my Gatorade, 

"Have fun out there!" Rami said, I smiled and proceeded to up my hair up in a pony-tail unlike my sister I can't stand my hair in my face when in the ring, trust me I have I tried but I just can't. Thomas wrapped his arms around me and kiss me on the cheek.

Once my theme hit I skipped out, stopped an looked at the crowd. People had my shirt on, which was a white shirt splashed everywhere with colors, KJ in blue an outlined with neon green, on the back it says.

'Crazy! No! Colorful! yes!' I loved it. Again the crowd was chanting 

"KJ Balor, KJ Balor!" I smiled, got into the ring, got up on the second rope, raised my left hand up in the air with my index finger pointing a number one. Then Carmella's theme came on, she did her thing and the bell rung. After Carmella got some good hits on me, I super-kicked her tried for a pin-fall but she kicked out on two. I got up and paced around the ring, I then thought of Punkie and one of his moves. But before I could turn around Carmella backed me up to a turn-buckle and start hitting me. I elbowed her and was going to do a Diving elbow drop but she came over and was going to drop me on the mat. I put my legs around her waist and I went below the top rope into the second rope and grabbed her head and I held on. Carmella was screaming for help until I felt her tapping. I let go and climbed into the ring.

After taking a shower and changing into. Thomas was eager to get going home, he didn't have a match the next time we record NXT. I do wrestle that night but also that's the night when Fergal fights Nick, there has been twitter feuds this whole time. I walked to the parking lot, I saw Randy Orton and Thomas talking. I believe he was here cause both of them live close to each other in Kansas. 

"Hey Randy!" I said while walking up to them. 

"Hey mouse is here. How's your sister?" I smiled and said (AN: You will find out later on why Randy calls Katelynn that.) 

"She's fine, next week I'm going home to see everyone." Randy nodded and then looked at someone behind me. I turned and saw Fergal and Rami again, Rami came over an gave me a hug. 

"Nice job out there. Tell me what was that last move you did." I chuckled didn't know why I did but I'm related to AJ so who knows. 

"That was a Rope Hung Arm Trap Can Opener. Punkie, oh sorry Phil, CM Punk. That's one his moves I saw him do once and I thought while let's try it." Randy laughed alittle. 

"Yeah I know that move alright. Your brother-in-law did it to me." I laughed and we heard a car horn.

We looked around an I saw a very familiar face, 

"Punkie!!!" I yelled and ran toward him and jumped on him. 

"Boy someone really missed her brother-in-law." I smirked and kissed him on the cheek. I saw April. 

"Katelynn!" I jumped off of Phil and hugged my sister. 

"Oh my gosh! Why are you guys here?" I asked excited. 

"Grandma wanted to make sure you got home safe so she paid for us to come here to Florida and paid for all of us to come back next week after you're done with your match." I smiled and hugged them both again. 

"While I'm done for tonight and I believe don't have a match next week but I want to see the match between Fergal and Nick but anyway I think we are going to get something to eat!" I said, both nodded an we walked up to the group. 

"What's everyone hungry for?" Thomas asked. 

"Anything!" Rami said I laughed and agreed. 

"What about that new chicken place by our house?" asked Fergal. Everyone agreed, I went with April and Phil. Thomas went with Randy so he could just put his suitcase in the trunk and make sure his alright cause of the flight they have at one in the morning.

During the ride over, April was talking to me about different things happening back home. Matt was doing good with his new store, and grandma already has a bed ready for me back at her house. 

"So what was the whole thing with Fergal asking dad and you?" April was silent so I looked at Phil. 

"I talked to him Kate! He sounded shy at first but after I said yes to it and your dad said yes to him asking you out he was excited to ask you. When you said that you were in a relationship I was happy for you both but April said it wasn't Fergal. I know Thomas is a great guy and that your happy to be with him but I saw the way he was looking at you before we left. I know again that your happy we both want you to be happy but his really heart-broken." After that we were all quiet until we got to the restaurant.

Once we order, Thomas got a call I assumed it was his family calling but he didn't stay at the table. Normally he would stay and talk to his mom or brother while I'm with him but he didn't, he seemed surprised an happy. I looked at his phone before he left it was a girl. But I wasn't worried, 

"Katelynn we go talk?" Fergal asked, he was sitting next to me. I nodded and we left outside.

We sat at one of the tables outside, lucky it was nice enough to sit out. 

"What did you want to talk about?" I could tell he wanted to tell me something. 

"Katelynn! Sorry Fergal but could I talk her just for a minute." Fergal I could tell didn't want to but he nodded and left back inside. 

"What's up!" Thomas didn't laugh like normal when I would ask that. 

"Katelynn, that person I talked to just now, was a old girlfriend. She didn't mean to hurt me her boyfriend she used me to make him jealous but just now she realized she made a mistake and wants me back. I told her that I was with you but she started crying on the phone and saying that she was really sorry and that the guy was telling her that I wouldn't take her back." Tears were coming down on my face,

 "I'm sorry Katelynn, I want to be with you but she really wants me back and I want to be with her." I nodded and he left to go inside, I tried to clean myself up and stop crying so I could go back inside but I just couldn't. I wanted to so bad just go to Phil and April's car, sit in there an bawl. 

Even thou I was still crying I still went inside and asked are waiter to put mine in a carry-out box, he nodded and got my plate from the table. April saw me and rush over, 

"Katelynn what's the matter?" I sat down at one of the tables, lucky they weren't busy. 

"Thomas broke up with me over a girl he used to date and that she really wants to be back with him so I agreed and broke up with me." I said. Phil over heard and walked up to Thomas.

After getting Phil away from Thomas an us sitting at another table,Fergal and Rami left. I started to finally feel better, 

"Katelynn I'll see you later!" Randy said, he gave me a hug and left. Thomas must have already been in the car. We ate and left the restaurant, 

"I'll see you guy's tomorrow!" I said and closed the door. Once I got to my door I saw Fergal standing there with a sack from Wal-Mart. 

"Fergal I don't want to see no one. Just please, please just go!" I said.

"Katelynn I just wanted to give you this. My sister went through the same thing, so here is your favorite ice cream, a fun pack of Hershey's chocolates, and a DVD copy of your favorite Disney movie Aladdin." I smiled and he handed me the bag. 

"Oh, can't believe you remembered all that."he smiled, 

"Yea I did remember all that, cause why won't I not remember everything about the most beautiful girl I know." my smile never left my face. Fergal isn't like this with any of the other girls on the roster. 

"I know that you said you didn't want to see anyone but do you want me to stay with you?" I thought about it and I don't want to be alone, I nodded and let him in.   

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