Katelynn is the sister to AJ Lee. She starts in NXT then to the main roster under the ring name KJ Lee but along the way she falls for the Irish cute 'the demon' or will a friend of hers that's been with her sister get in the way or another guy on the roster.
Follow along with KJ Lee and her friends to see if she is crazy, sassy enough to be in the ring.



Finn's POV

Katelynn was asleep during the credits. My phone buzzed I looked an it was my sister, I pressed the green button and her face popped up. 

"Hey sis!" I whispered but still loud enough for her to hear. 

"Hey Fergal! How's everything?" I looked at Katelynn, she was beautiful even sleeping. 

"Everything's fine here! Got a match next week, but how's everything with you and the kids." She smiled and told me everything with her, I miss everyone there. I saw Katelynn's eyes open, she smiled and saw my sister on the phone screen. 

"Hey Katelynn! How are you?" she smiled and told her she was fine, Katelynn got up and went to the kitchen. It's midnight here an 6 in the morning there, one of the kids probably woke up and she's staying up with them and needs someone to talk to without talking like a baby. 

"When do you think you are going to come home?" she asked, I sighed. 

"Probably not til around Christmas but I'll probably be there for a week." she nodded, after talking for a little bit longer she said she had to get the kids up and ready for school.

"Fergal you're not going home for the holiday." I shook my head no.

"Nah, I'll wait till Christmas. Besides I'll have more fun back here at my place. Rami offered for me to come with him but he's going with his brothers and cousins in a minivan to Canada so not much room." She nodded, unlocked her phone and called her grandma's house. 

"Hey grandma! I can't wait to finally come home but can I bring someone along with me!" Katelynn had her on speaker phone. 

"Oh sure you can, I'll have Mike set up another bed in your old room!" I looked at Katelynn she was smiling and hung up with phone. 

"Katelynn I'll be fine here! You should be with your family, I don't want to interfere with your family." I said, she waved me off. 

"Fergal after everything you have done for me. You should have at least go to an awesome family like mine and eat some amazing food." I couldn't persuade her for me not to go so I agreed and Katelynn was so excited. 

"So how many people will be at your grandmother's?" I asked. 

"While it will be you, me, April, Phil, Grandma, Uncle Mike his sons Matt the one that does the fight with me and Daniel, my other uncle Dan, Aunt Kris, my dad, cousin Katie and her son Samuel and her boyfriend Roger, and about five more cousins with my Aunt Callie." my jaw dropped. 

"Katelynn you have a big family." she smiled and looked at her facebook on her phone. 

"I know but that's the only family I have, I've never been a part of my mom's family besides April. So she hangs with me and my family even thou she's not officially family." I nodded and she showed me pictures of her family so I can get a good idea of them.

NXT taping of Nick vs Me

Tonight was the night I would prove that Nick shouldn't be treating Katelynn the way he did. Katelynn would be coming down with me. I don't have to wear paint tonight thank goodness, I love to have it on but it's a pain to take off and to stand or sit there to have it done. Katelynn had on a like mine, the seamstress made one for her. Truth be told I was excited to have her with me there, also we got told that either of us would be wrestling next week also so Katelynn said that if I wanted to we could stay til the weekend of next week at her grandmother's if I wanted. I wanted to so she was talking to her grandmother right now, one of three of my brothers called me to wish me luck tonight. I told him thanks and we talked about what I was doing for the holiday an what this match would do if I win tonight, he was excited to find out what would happen. 

"Ready for tonight!" Rami asked, I nodded. He wasn't leaving til tomorrow like we were doing, "Yeah lets go and make sure Nick knows that he doesn't miss with Balor." Rami said. I smiled an nodded and we left to the gorilla.

"Next is the match everyone as been waiting to see. Finn Balor VS. Dolph Ziggler. Apparently there was a discussion between the both of them that lend to this match." Corey Graves said, we were still in the back Nick just went out to the ring. My theme came on, I walked out first an got to stopped at the ramp. I looked toward the entrance, 

"Wonder what's going through the head of Finn Balor!" I heard Corey talking at the desk,

 "Rumor at it that this match was brought on by." Katelynn came skipping out and thecrowd went nuts,  (Go on my Polyvore page to see what she wore)

"KJ Balor, KJ Balor, KJ Balor." Katelynn smiled and walked down with me doing my entrance right along too. 

"KJ Lee, that's the person I was going to say that this match was brought on to be about but neither of this competitors would comment on if this was true." Corey said. Once we got into the ring Nick had a mic in his hand and said 

"KJ Lee, with the so called Demon of NXT. While guess what you better just skip back to candy land sweetie cause his going to be history." Katelynn rolled her eyes and I grabbed the mic from him. 

"All I have to tell you Dolph is that you better bring it all!" I said, 

"I always do!" Nick said. I handed Katelynn my jacket and the mic, I also made the too sweet sign and so did Katelynn. We too sweet'd each other an the bell rung. I would be a lair if I was scared of what this match would come out to be but I shook that out of my head and focused on Nick.

After a lot of good hits and moves by the both of us the match was close to being done. I couldn't think of anything else to bring to the table besides hitting Coup De Grace. Nick grabbed me by my hair of what I have on my head, 

"Alright Devitt, you are good and I will not stop fighting or give up on any match but I think both proved we are awesome so how about I hit you with a super kick or something and we can go on with are lives." I thought about it I nodded but I had something else different. I acted like I was going to do a clothesline but Nick grabbed me an was going to do a sleeper-hold, hit him with my elbow he dropped I elbow-dropped him again went to the top rope, came down and hit Coup de Grace prefect. I covered and got the win. Katelynn came into the ring and hugged me, I knew this was going to be a turnaround for us. So I whispered in her ear cause it's now or never.

 "Listen I know everything of what happen with you and Thomas but would you like to be my girlfriend?" Katelynn looked at me shocked...

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