Katelynn is the sister to AJ Lee. She starts in NXT then to the main roster under the ring name KJ Lee but along the way she falls for the Irish cute 'the demon' or will a friend of hers that's been with her sister get in the way or another guy on the roster.
Follow along with KJ Lee and her friends to see if she is crazy, sassy enough to be in the ring.



Couple days later!

I had tried calling my grandma but she told me that she didn't want to talk to me since I left and only wrote her a letter. April knows were I'm coming from, but she doesn't want to cause anymore drama an told me to not call or text her if something does happen.

Anyway Fergal had been packing his stuff an slowly moving in. Some people think we are moving fast but we don't think so, an no if you guys are thinking we haven't done it, yet. We are waiting til we are married, his mom thinks that's a great idea. Speaking of them, we are going to be leaving for Ireland in two weeks. I have already met his mom, dad, three brothers and sister via Skype also seen his two niece's and nephew. He was telling me about the other family members I would meet while there, he has a house down from his parents I also saw pictures of that.

Currently I was warming up for my number one contenders match against Asuka and Billie Kay. 

"KayJ!" I heard Billie Kay yell from down the hall, I turned an smiled. 

"I know its my name but way do you say it that way!" she shook her head and shrugged. 

"I don't know maybe cause it's more awesome." I shook my head and continued my warm up. While Fergal was doing a promo I sat on some crates waiting for him to get done. 

"KJ" I heard someone whisper in my direction. I saw Matt Bloom standing there motioning a finger for me to come over. 

"You're going to be going up against Bayley for the women's championship at Takeover London." I slightly squealed an jumped up an down, an hugged Matt. Verbal looked in our direction an smiled. 

"Tonight you, Billie Kay and Asuka are going to be in a container match an so go out there an give it your all so you an can have a crack at the title." I nodded an Matt left an Fergal come up after that. 

"What was the all the excitement over here?" I was smiling from ear it ear. 

"If I play my cards right an win tonight I'll be going up against Bayley for the championship in London." His smile never left an he picked me up an spin me around. 

"KJ you're needed by the gorilla." Katie one of the stage hands said I nodded an gave Fergal a peck on the cheek an skipped away.

Once there Catherine the steamress told me to wear the Balor club jacket once I do out there an distract Bayley. I put on the jacket an started walking to catering to get a bottle of water an some grapes. 

"Balor!!!" I heard Sami yell I spin around an ran to him, he picked me up an spin me around. 

"Yea Remi that's my girl!" I heard Fergal's voice behind us, but I knew he was joking. After getting stretched out an loose, I stayed near a TV.

As I watched Bayley's match she was looking about to win so I nodded to the sound guy an they played my music. All I did was stand out there an allow Carmella to put her in the come of slient. I smirked an skipped to the edge of the ring with a Mic in my hand. 

"Bayley!" I said slowly. While the crowd chanted KJ Balor! 

"I have a story to tell you. Once upon a time me KJ Lee came an won the containers match an then took Bayley's championship title at London. The end!" everyone cheered an a lot boo'd.

"While done KJ. You can tell stories!" I looked up an saw Auska and Billie Kay coming down, Billie had the mic. 

"Now let's see if you can back it up." I took off my jacket an left it on the ground and climbed into the ring.

During the match I had to look out for Auska I seen what she can do in the ring an frankly I'm scared right now of what she can do. Billie looked in my direction and nodded an has did I, we clotheslined Auska an I set her up to do Northern Lights Suplex. After Asuka rolled out the ring to get away Billie came at me. I ducked down and let her fly through the second rope. 

"KJ, KJ, KJ" the crowd cheered, I got pushed into the ropes. I saw Asuka grinning at me I looked up at her, she grabbed my legs an put them on her shoulders. I thought you probably shouldn't have done that, I locked in around her neck, Asuka grabbed me an that gave me the chance to do the black widow. I felt Asuka losing power but then she ran into the turnbuckle I still didn't let go, she kept on doing it. I finally dropped onto the ground, Billie came into the ring an I crawled out of the ring next thing I know is that Asuka is out of ring. I got back into the ring and Billie was facing toward the crowd, so I knocked her down and Anaconda vise time. I heard the sweet sound of the bell being rung. 

"You're winner an the number one container for the NXT women's championship KJ Lee." I was smiling from ear to ear. Billie got up an gave me a hug, 

"You deserve this honey!" I smiled at her.

I was being pulled in a million different interviews an pictures that I couldn't think straight. I finally got to my apartment and opened my door. 

"Baby!" I yelled out to Fergal. I heard some whispers and shushes. 

"This is all your fault!" I heard a familiar female voice say, 

"My fault, you came into this room and demanded for me to take off my pants." I heard Fergal's voice. Concerned what the hell is going on I walked from the living room and seen Alexia Bliss getting her shirt on and buttoning up her pants and Fergal was buttoning up his pants. 

"Katelynn it's not what it's looking like. Alexia came crying to the bar down the street about something Murphy we talked had a few drinks an maybe a few shots an soon we were in bed." Tears were coming down in buckets an I shook my head million times. 

"I TRUSTED YOU! MY FAMILY HATES ME NOW CAUSE MY MIND TOLD ME THAT I COULD TRUST YOU THAT I LOVE YOU!" I yelled out in anger, Fergal came up to me and put his arms around me. 

"Love!" I pulled away from his embrace. 

"Don't call me that, you know you can't turn back the clock an erase this." worry an crying in my voice. I walked out the apartment and ran into Sami. 

"Katelynn! What's the matter?" I couldn't and wouldn't want to speak of this, so I ran past him to my car. Knowing that crying an driving doesn't mix I just stayed in my car, I got out my phone an was going to call AJ or Phil but then realized that I burned that bridge an thought of the same thing with Grandma, my cousins, aunt an uncle. I was screwed, I bet everything for a guy that told me he wouldn't do anything like that to me.

Fergal came running down the stairs and saw that I was in my car. I locked my car so he wouldn't get in. But I remembered that he knows the password to open the doors. 

"Katelynn, love, baby!" I pushed passed him. 

"Leave me alone!" I felt those two all too familiar arms wrap around me. 

"Baby! Please look at me." He lifted my head to see my sad brown eyes. 

"I know I messed up an that I hurt you but Alexia an I would never try to hurt you. Yes both of us should have knew better then to drink an then for me to offer her to stay but you know me. Once I saw your voice an seen your face I wished for ability to turn back the clock and change what all happened at the bar. I love you, to moon an back." Alexia was standing their also crying. I walked up to her, 

"Katelynn, like Fergal said. I really don't want hurt you. Murphy was being a complete jack-butt and I actually need to go talk to him." I gave her a hug, 

"I know! You probably would have done the same thing if you saw me with Murphy!" she laughed an nodded. 

"I've cost a lot of trouble at this place now, I'm going to leave." I laughed an she left to her car. 

"You forgive her how about me!" I turned around an saw Fergal there with his hands in his pockets. I walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the lips, 

"I forgive you, just promise me that time you go to bar take me with you next time." He chuckled an agreed.


Couple years later!

"Did you write down the people you wanted to be there?" I asked my fiancé now. Yes Fergal asked me to marry him on our second year anniversary, we were going to have a winter wedding on 28 of December. We figured since his family was coming to the US to spend Christmas here anyway that they might as while be here for are wedding. 

"Yes love! It's on the table." I walked over to the table an looked over the list. 

"Hunter wants us to know that we are scheduled for a live event this weekend in Milwaukee." I froze an nodded, Fergal knew that my family hasn't talked to since then while besides April and Phil, I was there for April when she has my nephew Colt. None of the family talked to me, Fergal was there considering he knew that would happen. 

"Did you send your dad a invitation?" I looked at Fergal, was he serious after the way they have treated me. 

"Yea I did. Even thou what has happen but I really didn't want to listen to him an the rest of the family if I didn't." saying to him while I plopped down next to him on the couch while he was building another Lego set. 

"Don't worry baby! They will get over it, maybe not today or tomorrow or next week but they will. Once they know that I'm not that guy." I nodded an laid my head on his shoulder. 

"Love you!" I said, I felt him kiss my head. 

"Love you too love!" I giggled an got up from next to him an proceed to make sure everything was coming together.

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