Angel of Desire: Crying In My End

Luna Palafox, a 16 year old girl, was in a bad “incident” with a guy friend, 17 year old Perry Brice. Luna and Perry had a lot of classes together, and became very good friends over a month. Luna was being bullied in school, Perry was always there to protect his best friend. One day they were going out to the ice rink near both of their houses, although they didn’t make it all the way. What will happen to Luna? Perry? Luna’s Brother? Find out in Angel of Desire: Crying In My End (Book 1).


5. Chapter 4

It’s been a few weeks since I had been to the doctor, so today I had to go get a checkup. I had to miss another day of school. At my appointment my doctor told me that I was fine to start walking, but that I should still use my crutches. I was a little happy. I got home and walked to my room. On the way I stopped in Shannon’s doorway. I thought of the night he had shown me my favorite AC/DC song, T.N.T.

“Hey Shannon, whatcha listenin to?”

“Oh. Hey sis. Just listening to old favorite songs of dads.” I remember just the thought of dad would always make me cry. My dad had died in a car crash a while back, while I was still young.

“Can I hear one?”

“Sure. Surprise?”

“Yea!” I had always loved when my brother surprised me.

“Ok, I think you’ll love this one.” He said turning up the radio.

See me ride out of the sunset

On your color TV screen

Out for all that I can get

If you know what I mean

Women to the left of me

And women to the right

Ain't got no gun

Ain't got no knife

But don't you start no fight


I had already begun to like it. He played a little more and stopped in the middle.

“Why’d you stop it?” I had asked.

“You like it?”

“Heck Yea!”

“Here, take this.” He said taking out the CD. He handed me the CD and stood up to walk to his dresser. Then he grabbed one of his older CD players and gave it to me.

“Really?” I asked.


“Thank you thanks you thank you!” I said running to my room. I had put the CD player on my dresser and the CD next to it.

I crutch down the hall into my room and sit on the bed. I looked around the room until I saw the dusty CD player. I stood up and hopped over to my dresser to put in my favorite CD. I skipped all the way to T.N.T. I stood there staring at the music, I then scanned the room until I met eyes with a familiar boy. I jumped a little, but then I noticed that it was just Perry.

“Hey Perry, how you feeling?” I asked as another familiar face peeked in, I didn’t jump this time though. Then I realized that it was the new kid, Lucas. I forgot that he had never heard my voice.

“Oh, hey Lucas.” I said smiling. He gave me an anxious look. Then I realized, he kinda liked my voice. I looked down, kinda blushing.

“We came by to see how you were doing.” Lucas said.

“I’m doing fine.” I replied.

“Do you need help with anything?” Perry asked.

“Uh, not really. But do you guys want to stay a little?” I asked.

“Sure, since you’re the smart one.” Perry joked. I could see Lucas kinda whisper and the pretty one which I started to blush again. Lucas was very cute, but so was Perry.

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