Angel of Desire: Crying In My End

Luna Palafox, a 16 year old girl, was in a bad “incident” with a guy friend, 17 year old Perry Brice. Luna and Perry had a lot of classes together, and became very good friends over a month. Luna was being bullied in school, Perry was always there to protect his best friend. One day they were going out to the ice rink near both of their houses, although they didn’t make it all the way. What will happen to Luna? Perry? Luna’s Brother? Find out in Angel of Desire: Crying In My End (Book 1).


3. Chapter 2

“We were about to.” My parents said, trying not to look me in the eyes.


“Tell me.” I said.


“This is going to be really hard to say… but Shannon is no longer.” I stared at them in dismay. I sunk back into my pillow and let the tears fall. My parents decided to leave, but Perry stayed with me.


“Are you going to be okay?” He asked after a few minutes.


“How would you feel if your brother died, and you didn’t know for a few days?” I asked sarcastically. “I’m doing awful.” I finally say.


“Well, I got you something.” He said, giving me a bag. I opened it up and there laid a small blue curacao notebook. “Since you like writing so much.” He said with a smile. I thanked him and gave him the strongest hug I could, which was pretty weak. I started to write something.


A heart of gold stopped beating.

Two shining eyes at rest.

God broke our hearts to prove to us,

but you didn’t go alone,

for part of us went with you

the day He took you home.

To some you are forgotten,

to others just part of the past.

but to us who loved and lost you,

the memory will always last.


“Do you like it?” I asked Perry as I showed him. He stared in astonishment.


“This is amazing.” He finally said.


Alright, let’s skip a few weeks to when I go back to school. I had been writing poems off and on. One of my favorites is:

As I sit in Heaven

And watch you everyday

I try to let you know with signs

I never went away

I hear you when you’re laughing

And watch you as you sleep

I even place my arms around you

To calm you when you weep

I see you wish the days away

Begging to have me home

So I try to send you signs

So you know you are not alone

Don’t feel guilty that you have

Life that was denied to me

Heaven is truly beautiful

Just you wait and see

So live your life, laugh again

Enjoy your life, be free

Then I know with every breath you take

You’ll be taking one for me.

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