Angel of Desire: Crying In My End

Luna Palafox, a 16 year old girl, was in a bad “incident” with a guy friend, 17 year old Perry Brice. Luna and Perry had a lot of classes together, and became very good friends over a month. Luna was being bullied in school, Perry was always there to protect his best friend. One day they were going out to the ice rink near both of their houses, although they didn’t make it all the way. What will happen to Luna? Perry? Luna’s Brother? Find out in Angel of Desire: Crying In My End (Book 1).


2. Chapter 1

All I remember about the “incident” was sitting in the back of the warm vehicle, Perry in the front seat, I wasn’t paying attention to the outside world. I remember the song that we had thought would be our last song. The First Noel, the Gardiner Sisters version. For Shannon, it was his last song. Shannon had been the driver, he was a year older than Perry and I. He was also my brother. I had hit my head so hard that I went unconscious, the doctors said that I have Amnesia, however it wasn’t too bad. I had only forgotten about a year before the accident happened and before that. I basically don’t remember anything from my childhood. I broke my left leg, and I also broke my left hip. According to my doctors I was in a coma for a few days. The day I had woken up, I went straight to surgery, so another few hours of sleep. My parents visited me after my surgeries, yet they didn’t look happy to see me.


“Mom? Dad? What’s wrong?” I asked, puzzled. They walked into the room, and sat down on the bench. I tried to shimmy my way to sitting up, but I was stopped by a distressing pain in my left side. Surgery. I thought. “Please talk, you’re scaring me.” I said, bothered.


“We have some bad news.” They finally replied.


“Where’s Shannon?” I asked, tense. They both look at each other. By now I’m perched up on my hands, trying to ignore the pain. I sink into my hospital bed. Oh God… I think. Tears start to fill my eyes. Soon enough Perry walked in. He only had a concussion and had to have a few staples in his head. He also looked worried.


“Have you told her yet?” He asked my parents, sounding sorry and panicked.

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