Angel of Desire: Crying In My End

Luna Palafox, a 16 year old girl, was in a bad “incident” with a guy friend, 17 year old Perry Brice. Luna and Perry had a lot of classes together, and became very good friends over a month. Luna was being bullied in school, Perry was always there to protect his best friend. One day they were going out to the ice rink near both of their houses, although they didn’t make it all the way. What will happen to Luna? Perry? Luna’s Brother? Find out in Angel of Desire: Crying In My End (Book 1).


1. Authors Note

Hey guys, Random here. This story starts out in the POV of Luna, but what might be confusing is that Luna wrote this down so she could start her own story, but something came up where (OMG This is so hard not to spoil my plans) Luna couldn’t write anymore, so someone else finishes the story for her. Thanks for reading this. Thanks. -RandomWatermelons99

PS: If you guys have any suggestions, comments, or questions for this story I will respond and I will try my best to add your suggestions to this. Also, this book is part of a series of unfortunate and distressing stories of teens. Hope you enjoy!

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