When Zig finds out he has cancer everything changes from his family to his friends to his girlfriend Annabelle


1. Results

When I walk into the room with my mother the doctor doesn't look happy I can't be sick can I? I sit next to my mother and the doctor starts 

"Mrs Nickleson I'm afraid to say your son here has cancer,"

"What type?"

"One of the rarest T-cell Lymphoma,"

I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation because I am out of the room crying and I didn't want to cry because I hate crying and I feel like a girl but anyway I'm really scared because Annabelle and I have plans and everything but what if I die and she falls in love with someone else I will die even more I can't live without her I call her and I start to cry

"Hey baby how are you?"

"I'm okay I think are you?" She must have heard me crying 

"Baby what's wrong?"


"Are you crying?"


"Baby I'm coming,"

She hangs up and I don't think she knows where I am but then I see her car and she gets out and runs to me

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