One Mistake

Rebecca was a pretty girl who lived on a small farm with her widowed father in Colorado. She was loved by all, including her boyfriend Rick (of 8 months) and was set on her way to graduate and go to the university of Stanford in the new year. How could she know that one new member in school could change everything for her, until death do him part?


2. 2.

"Shit Becca!  Why would you do that?" Amy shrieked when Taylor was out of view. She was walking quicker than ever, and, left me do a quick walk/ run by her side. "Do what?" I exclaimed. She swung her head round, and glared at me. "You better be joking me!" She cried and shook her head. "Seriously! What have i done wrong!" I frowned at her and she laughed sarcastically and we both stopped walking to stare at each other. "Publicly humiliating me, in front of the guy i like and slept with? Amy sorta told me" She mocked my voice. "Who does that?" She waited for my response, one hand on her hip. Everyone in the hallways were looking at us. "Amy i'm sorry! It just came out!" I sighed "He took it well" I looked at her sympathetically. "Fuck off to your boyfriend" She hissed at me and left my eyes stinging. I felt a reassuring pair of hands on my waist and instantly leant back into Ricks shoulder. "You good?" He asked. I sighed and nodded and turned myself around to hug him. "What happened?" He asked kindly, while plucking a hair behind my ear. "We argued again" I sighed and let a small tear roll down my face, while leaning on his chest. "You don't say" He chuckled and i smiled. "Look. You and Amy will be friends by maths, don't worry!" He kissed my forehead and looked quickly at his watch. "Gotta go, see you later" He strolled off and i watched adoringly. 


I crashed into Geography late and look at Amy who had obviously already bitched to everyone else, since they all sniggered as soon as i walked in. I sighed and apologized to Mrs Kartell for being late, before sitting by myself at the back. I quickly got out my workbook and started looking out the window while half-listening to what she was saying. A couple of minutes later the door opened, and a confused looking Taylor walked in. "Set 1 History right?" He asked.I looked over at Amy, who was already looking at me. She knew she couldn't talk to anyone else about him, otherwise they would tell everyone, and i could tell she regretted having a go at me. She smiled, as a sign as friendship, and laughed and rolled my eyes to show my forgiveness. She pointed at Miss, who i recognized was trying to address me. "Becca!"  She shouted. "Yes Miss?" I replied. "Are we straining your attention?" I shook my head. "Well since you very obviously distracted by another member of the room, why don't we place our new student Taylor here next to you, to politely block your view?" Mrs Kartell asked. "Oh well, i don't usually sit here actually.." I started to protest. "Looks like you do now doesn't? Go ahead Taylor" She ushered him in my direction, and he approached the seat next to me. I shuffled my chair up as he swung his bag under the desk and sat down next to me. "So we meet again" He laughed at himself and looked up at me. "It seems so, doesn't it?" I looked at him properly. He was gorgeous. His laugh was masculine and soft, and his breath smelt of spearmint. "Guessing Amy told you about what happened then" He scoffed and looked down. "Amy tells me most things" I shrugged. He laughed. "Course she does" I looked to the front, trying to distract myself for the hot stranger next to me. But i couldn't.


What was he doing to me?



Hows everyone doing? Sorry the chapters are taking like 2 months, but there all serious effort.

BC x

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