One Mistake

Rebecca was a pretty girl who lived on a small farm with her widowed father in Colorado. She was loved by all, including her boyfriend Rick (of 8 months) and was set on her way to graduate and go to the university of Stanford in the new year. How could she know that one new member in school could change everything for her, until death do him part?


1. 1.

"Dad?" I called through the house again, waiting for an answer. It was the third time that i had called and i was starting to get majorly fed up with him. "Hunny!" I heard a groggy voice escape his bedroom, and shook my head. I burst through his door to discover him sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing his forehead again. "why are you already ready?" He questioned. I looked at his alarm which was on snooze and then laughed. "Dad. Its eight o'clock. I need to go in ten at the latest." I dropped my bag and joined him on the bed. "Your pulling my leg, it can't be" His head had repeatedly looked at the clock and then back to me, as i couldn't quiet wipe the smile from my face. He walked slowly to his curtains and opened them, which was pointless since thy hardly even covered his window and didn't cover the sunlight that beamed into his room. He looked over the forest where we lived and smiled. "That view never gets old, does it Becca?" I shook my head in agreement and joined him to look over our forest. He wrapped his arm around me and mumbled something about getting ready. He strolled of to the bathroom and left me alone. 


"Ready to hit it?" Dad shouted as he tried and failed to find his keys. I looked over myself once more in the mirror while running my hairbrush through my long hair. My small amount of makeup hand't gone that badly considering my usual attempts went down the drain, and my new white top complimented my blonde hair and green eyes. I stroked the floral, Lacey pattern that ran over my collarbone and shouted "Fruit bowl!" to my dad. I heard him rummaging through the bowl and the jingle of keys. "Thanks Hun" He opened the door to my room and waited for me as i applied my lipgloss. "How many times is it actually necessary to do that Becca?" He asked. As i laughed he watched me. "Just like your mother. Always positive, always gorgeous" I looked over to him, and watched his sad eyes hit the floor. We both missed mum more than we could of ever imagined. I dropped my smile and grabbed my bag full of textbook. "Lets go" I pushed my way past him and opened the old door that we still hand't replaced. " Are we ever going to replace that?" I said as i closed the fly barrier. "If we get the money" Dad replied as he walked down the wooden stairs to the truck. "Don't forget to clean your beer bottles of the patio" I looked in despair over to our small outside patio area in front of the house which we had built together recently, and at the comfy chair and bench which was covered in stains of wine. "If i have time. Harvests coming up. Just jump in Becca." Reluctantly i stepped into the wagon and slammed the door. He tried and failed three times to rev up the car, and eventually managed. "We need a new car" I said as we slowly drove down the stony path to the road. We wobbled everyone and every time one of us tried to speak we whacked our heads on the roof or the window. Instead we laughed in silence until we got onto the main road. "Hows your boyfriend?" I smiled just at the thought of his  little face ,his slicked back blonde hair, his bright blue eyes, his lips. "He's good i think. Haven't seen him for a while though" I could see school and sighed. "I'll get out here in dad." I opened my seat belt and kissed dad on the cheek. "See you soon!" I hopped out the car and started to walk to the hell hole as slowly as possible. "BOO!"  I instantly dropped my bag and looked to my side. "Amy! You bitch!" I pushed her away and picked up my bag and laughed. "Sorry! Did i scare you?" Amy giggled. I shook my head and carried on walking at her side. "How was your summer?" I asked her. She blushed and looked around. "I had a little fling with this guy. We met at a party and hit it of straight away. He was so hot Becca, he was like, amazing!" Amy gushed. "His name was Taylor and every girl had her eye on him, but he chose me." I listened. "So why arent you a couple?" I asked. "Well he was only  here for the summer apparently. We met up a few times after that at my place and i slept with him" I stopped her. "Please tell me that was a joke." She shook me off and carried on. "Becca, if you had seen how hot he was you couldn't blame me."  I shook  my head. "Anyway babe, how was your summer?" We walked into school and i had an uneven feeling my stomach. We sat down on a bench and talked for a while, as i told her about Rick and how we had recently hit eight months. "Becca. Rick's boring. He is nice don't get me wrong but, don't you need a change?" I shook my head and looked to the floor. "I know hes abit." I found my words "Basic. But i love him. He understands me , hes kind, and i think hes damn good in bed." We both laughed. "I know. I just don't get it Becca. Most boys fall in love with you straight away and you go for him? Ugh. You don't know what you have." Amy sighed. "What do you mean?" I asked, a frown sat upon my face. "Your gorgeous, like the prettiest in this sixth form and your kind. Not forgetting your not exactly frigid, whats not to like?"  She replied. I opened my mouth to answer but she put her hand over it. "Rhetorical question"  She laughed. And then something hit her eyes. behind me. They slowly widened as they glanced behind me.


"What is it?" I asked, as she sank down into the seat, in an attempt to hide herself from something. "Oh for god sakes!" She exclaimed as i turned around. to see what she was hiding from. Strolling around alone was a new boy, who seemed to fit Amy's description of Taylor."Amy is that.." I didn't finish my sentence as she nodded profoundly. "Oh snap" I looked at him again, like every other girl was. "I see what you mean that he was good looking" I accidentally said out loud. Amy looked up at me as i blushed. "Oops" I covered my own mouth. But he really was. He has the most defined face i had ever seen, his jawline sharp as a knife and his cheekbones heavenly. His eyes were the brightest blue i had ever seen and he had messy but nice brown hair hanging over his face, which he kept raking his hands through. He was about 6'2, with a slight tan to him. He wore a grey Nike sweater, and black skinny jeans just to top it off. He caught me staring and i turned my head around. "He's looking over" I whispered as she tried to lean down even more. In the corner of my eye i saw him coming over and i tapped Amy's back to sit up. She followed my move and pushed he slightly wavy her to one shoulder. "You look fine. Trust me." He approached and even i started to become nervous? Why? " Amy?" He asked as her had reached our bench. "Yes?" She squeaked and then cleared her throat and said yes again. "What are you doing here?" She frowned. "Actually i was about to ask you the same." She replied in annoyance. "My parents really liked it here, so we are staying" He said cooly. He looked over to me and smiled. "Sorry not to introduce myself. I'm Taylor" He stuck his strong hand out and i shook it. "I know" I smiled back. "Amy sorta said"  He laughed. "Becca!" She exclaimed angrily. "No it's fine, i quite like her honesty" He replied. "Anyway." She continued. "So you didn't even think to tell me that you were staying here after all?" Amy asked while she folded her arms sassily. "No. Sorry" He replied bluntly. "I ended it for a reason. I don't like you that much anymore." I looked up at him, as he seemingly gazed at me. "Whatever." Amy said. "Me and Becca have to get to class" She pulled me up and strolled off, and i waved bye discretely. What was this feeling i had for him?

I knew one thing. Taylor was trouble. 




hey everyone, i know i haven't been that active for like agesss, however i miss writing on here. I know i don't get my likes or subscribers , but to anyone reading this thank you very much for the support it is much appreciated. In 2017 i am going to try and find time to be active on here much more often. I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and new year, and is enjoying the story so far. See you soon!

BC x

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