Angels Vs. Demons


3. Object Fight

Note: For those of you that clicked on this story thinking that their would actually be Angels and Demons, I am sorry, but their aren't. It is just a story about a girl (aka, the angel) that is having some troubles (you have to wait and read to know what the troubles are).... and a boy (aka the Demon) that helps her. 


Waking up this time was different. I woke up in the same bed and in the same house/cabin thing. But, there was no body in sight. The bathroom door was open, so no one was in there. And, I can see the rest of the house from where I was sitting. I stood up and felt stronger then I did that last time. 


I walked over to the fire place, thinking it was warm, but was surprised. I got close and didn't feel any heat at all. I kneeled on the ground and leaned closed to the fire. "Why aren't you warm?" I asked myself. I reached out my hand and got it as close to the fire as I could, without burning myself. No heat. "What the...." I reached out to see if I could touch it, but was stopped by a voice. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." I turned to see the man from earlier. 


He was just standing in the middle of the room. But, where did he come from? I looked around. Seriously how did he just appear out of thin air. "Wha? But, how did you...." I started but was cut off. "Get here?" He asked. I stared at him for a moment, then nodded. "I walked through the front door." He pointed out. 


I looked behind him and saw the front door, but what was odd, was that there was no sign of someone coming in. I looked back at him. "You seem to the shy type?" He questioned. I shot him a glare and growled under my breath. He smiled a little and winked at me. "Or maybe not?" He questioned again. "I am not shy!" I snapped and he smirked even bigger. Why? "Maybe not, but you are flat chested." I said shrugging. I felt my face heat up, not in embarrassment, but in anger. 


"Why you little...." I growled picking up the closest thing to me, which was a vase, and chucking it at his head. "Wha!" He screamed and dodged the glass vase, barley. His eyes were wide wide in shock for a minute, then he smirked at me again. "Ooooh, I see. You are short tempered, just like your breasts." He chuckled. "What the hell is wrong with you! You don't say those thing to a girl!" I yelled grabbing a book and also chucking it at him. He dodged it too and shot me a glare. "It is also not nice to THROW THINGS AT PEOPLE!" He screamed and picked up something a pitched it at me. 


I dodged and stared the man standing in front of me. "OH GAME ON!" I yelled back. I started throwing whatever I could find at him, as he did the same to me. "YOU SEEM LIKE A ASSHOLE, YOU DO NOT CALL A GIRL FLAT CHESTED!" I screamed. "AND YOU SEEM HOT HEADED, AND IT'S NOT NICE TO THROW SOMEONE'S STUFF AND DESTROY THEIR HOUSE!" He yelled back. I kept throwing whatever I could find at him. "YOU ARE THROWING AND DESTROYING YOUR HOUSE TOO!" I yelled back. 


We both stopped what we were doing. He had a chair in his hand and I had a t.v in mine. The room around us was destroyed. There wasn't anything left standing. Except for what was in our hands. He shot me glare and I gave him one back. "Are you trying to turn my words agents me?" He questioned. I raised a brow in a confused manner. "What? No, I am just stating the truth, I mean look at this place." I said gesturing to the room/house. He didn't take his eyes off of me to look around him. "No, you did that." He said. I frowned at him. Really? Was he acting childish? 


"Yes, I did do half of it, but you threw things at me too." I state the truth. He put down the chair in his hands and sat down on it. Oh boy. Who was this guy anyway? And, how did I end up in his house in the first place? "Did not." He said crossing his arms over his chest and turning his head away from me. "Huh?" I said dropping the book. "Are you seriously going to play stupid?" I asked. He stood up with a smile and, if I could, I frowned even more. "Yes, yes I am going to." He stated. I face palmed myself and started at him. "It doesn't work if you give it away." I point out. 


I looked at me and dropped his smile. "Oh....then....I am not playing stupid, it is truth." He said. I burst out into laughter at his stupidity. "What are you laughing about?" He asked with a confused look on his face. My long brown hair fell in front of my green eyes when I bent over laughing. "Really? 'it is truth'? That isn't even proper grammar." I laughed sitting down on the floor because I couldn't help it. The look on his face and how stupid it was. I couldn't help but to laugh. I mean, how did I end up here in the first place? 

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