Camden wasn't happy about her dad meeting another woman and she wasn't happy that she had a step-brother that posted videos on youtube. She watched his video's and thought he was dumb... until they actually met.


3. Telling Dad

    “I broke up with Brent, that's what's going on.”
    “You did?” dad's voice seemed to be a little more joyous than I wanted.
    “Yeah, well, no. He broke up with me. When I told him we were moving, he told me he didn't want to be with me anymore and he broke up with me for another girl.”
    Dad didn't say anything.
    “Oh, I'm so sorry, dear.” Adym's mom went to hug me but I take a step back.
    “I was just really upset and wanted Adym to leave, that's all.” I stop crying.
    “I'm sorry, Camden, I really am. At least that ass-hole is out of your life now.” dad said.
    I saw Adym's mom give my dad a look, the same look I gave him. “Wow, dad. Really? I really liked him, and you don't even care?”
    “Alright, let's talk about this later.” they left.
    Adym stayed. “Are you okay?” he said softly.
    I groan. “Please, just leave me alone? No, I'm not okay and I just want to be left alone so I can have a broken heart in peace.”
    He nods and wrote something on the pad of sticky notes on my desk. “That's my number... text me if you need anything or just wanna talk...” he said calmly then left.
    When he shut the door behind him, I got up fast and threw the whole pad in my trash can. There was no was I was going to talk to him more than I needed to... but then again, that's what I said about crying in front him. Look how well that turned out.
    Dad came up a few hours later, I must have fell asleep because it was 11pm when he came in. “Are you in the mood to talk?” he asked.
    “No, but I know you're not going to go away unless I do some come in, I guess.” I sit up.
    He sits on the edge of my bed. “Look, Camden, I know you think this move is going to be the end of your world, especially now that Brent broke up with you, but I can give you my word that it won't be. You are going to realize that with him out of your life, you are going to be much happier. You're beautiful, smart, funny and really sweet and Brent didn't see any of that in you, as a father that hurt me to watch and that's why I didn't like him. Sure, he was good-looking but let me tell you something about those type of boys; they only want one thing.”
    “Sex.” I nod and put my hair in a ponytail.
    “Sex.” he nodded. “I'm going to ask you a question and I need you to be honest with me, okay? I won't get upset.”
    I nod again, I knew what he was going to ask me.
    “Are you a virgin?”
    I shake my head.
    “Did you sleep with Brent?”
    I look down at the ground.
    “Camden? Did you and Brent have sex? I told you I'm not going to be mad, I just want to know.”
    “Yes, we had sex.”
    He sighed quietly. “Okay, now I understand why this must be hard for you. You do know that when-”
    “Dad, stop.” I interrupt him. “I know what you're going to say, we've had the talk a million times before. I'm not upset because I slept with him and I thought he truly loved me. That's cliché and dumb and you know I'm better then that. I mean, yeah, I thought he loved me but I guess I was blind in all of it because thinking about it all know, I know he never did. There were signs, like all the cheating he did but I just kept thinking there might be some hope that he just likes me. I'm upset because I generally loved him.” I bite my cheek. “I loved him daddy.”
    He moved next to me and hugged me. “I know, sweetheart, I know but you'll feel better soon. You're gonna look back on this some day and see how much stronger in made you.”

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