Camden wasn't happy about her dad meeting another woman and she wasn't happy that she had a step-brother that posted videos on youtube. She watched his video's and thought he was dumb... until they actually met.


4. Closer

    The next morning, dad went to work and around 11am Adym was knocking at the front door. “Camden, it's for you!” Mia yelled to me in the living room when she answered the door.
    “What do you want?” I crossed my arms.
    He smiled and invited himself in, closing the door behind him. “Go get dressed.”
    I scoff. “Excuse me?”
    “Go get dressed.” he repeated. “You seemed really upset and I wanna make you feel better, so go get dressed, we're going out.”
    I uncross my arms and just stand there. “Where are we going?”
    “You'll see.”
    I look over at Mia, who was in the living room with Dillon, they paused the video game they were playing to watch us. Mia smiled and nodded her head fast. I look back at Adym. “I don't know... I mean, not today, another time?” I didn't want to be mean because he was generally trying at this brother-sister thing but I wasn't in the mood, especially now.
    “Did I ask if you wanted to go? I'm gonna cheer you up, now go.” he pointed up the stairs at me.
    I didn't really want to go but I didn't feeling like fighting it anymore and I knew he really wasn't going to take no for an answer so I got dressed and 10 minutes later, I was sitting next to him in his car in my driveway.
    He smiled at me. “Where do you wanna go?”
    “What do you mean 'where do you wanna go'? You said you were taking me somewhere to cheer me up.”
    He nods. “I am and I want you to pick somewhere you really want to go to and we can go there. Right now.”
    “Well, does being home count?”
    He gave me a look. “Come on... seriously? Please?”
    I sighed and gave in. “Fine...” I start thinking and then finally I smile and look down at my lap.
    “What? You have somewhere?”
    I nod and look up at him, still smiling.
    I don't say anything for a moment. “Brent and I used to go to this park on central, it's a huge park but there is never any people there. And we used to go up on top of the hill in the woods, sit on the edge and just watch people live there lives. We'd stay up there for hours.”
    He started his car. “Okay...”
    When we got there, he put on a back pack from behind his seat and started walking up the trail beside me, as I lead him to where Brent and I used to hang out. “We, uh... haven't been up here in about 3 months. I miss it.”
    “It's beautiful.”
    I nod. I can feel him look at me but I just act like I don't and keep walking.
    “I'm gonna have to ruin the moment.” he chuckled.
    “Moment?” I look at him.
    He slowly looks away and sighs. “Yeah. This is the longest you've gone without being hostile since I met you.” he chuckled again.
    We reach the cliff and we both sit down. “Was I that bad?”
    He looks at me again and nods.
    I bit my cheek.
    He laughed. “Don't get all upset. I didn't say it to make you feel bad, I said it because...” he stopped and shrugged. “Well, because, I have to admit, it was kinda nice.”
    “I'm sorry... if I made you feel...” I shake my head. “Not welcome, I should say.”
    “You kinda did but I get it, new people, new life, kind of uncomfortable. I've been through it multiple times. I didn't take any of it offensively, especially after I found out about your ex. Which, I'm very sorry about, by the way.”
    I slightly smile. “Thanks, but don't be, I mean, everything happens for a reason... right?”
    He nodded. “Well, his loss then.” he gave me a sweet smile.
    We ended up staying on the cliff for hours. We just sat up there and told each other about our lives and how we each ended up with one parent, we didn't even move from our spot to get something to eat. He accomplished his goal, my mind was off of Brent all day.

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