Camden wasn't happy about her dad meeting another woman and she wasn't happy that she had a step-brother that posted videos on youtube. She watched his video's and thought he was dumb... until they actually met.


9. Caught

    I felt bad all day, and all day I've been trying to talk to Adym and apologize to him, but it just kept blowing me off and telling me he understood what I meant. I don't think he did because he still seemed hurt and I didn't mean to hurt him. Every time I felt him looking at me, I felt like I was going to cry because I knew I had hurt him and he didn't want to talk to me. It wasn't that I was getting attached, I didn't care about the fact that we had sex, I didn't care about the fact that I knew he had some type of feelings for me. And maybe I had something for him. I wasn't sure. It was still way, way too early to decipher, but I was pissed at myself for letting him think I was embarrassed about what we did last night, I'm not, I just know it would be wrong and out parents wouldn't like it. It's wrong. I can't even tell Mia, I can't tell anyone.
    Just as we were getting ready to start taking our stuff to their house, Adym went to the bathroom and I followed just before he shut the door, I ran in and locked it. "Why won't you let me explain myself?"
    "Because there is no need. I understood what you meant. I'm not the type of guy you'd be expected to be around, let alone sleep with."
    "No, that's not it all all Adym, I only said that because of our parents. If they found out, they would be so pissed and it would look like... well, it would seem like we only acted like we hated each other."
    He snickered. "Really? That's the best you could come up with?"
    I just look at him. "I'm not kidding! What we did last night... was amazing and I would do it again but I don't want to get caught. We could get into trouble, that's what I meant."
    He sighed and just looked at me.
    It made me feel really weird. I couldn't tell what he could be thinking or what he was going to say or do. “What?”
    He smiled. “You're still in the bathroom.”
    I chuckle. “Oh.. duh.” I turn to leave and just as I open the door, I see Mia. I gasp. “You-you're back.”
    She gives me and Adym the same confused and shocked look. “Yeah, and you're in the bathroom with him.”
    “I, yeah... umm...” there was no way I was getting out of this, I had to tell her, there was no other option here.
    “We were just....” Adym didn't know what to say either.
    Mia gasped too. “Camden, you didn't! Is this what I think it was?” he pointed between Adym and I.
    I shake my head really fast, I don't turn to see Adym's reaction, I can barely move my head. “No! It's not, no.”
    “Then why were you two in the bathroom together with the door shut, alone?”
    Now I turn to Adym, we had no choice.
    “We didn't do anything, we were just talking.” Adym came up beside me.
    “Oh really?” she crossed her arms. “About?”
    “It's private.” he sounded just a little bit defensive.
    “Nothing is that private that you need to hide like this.”
    “Can you just trust that we didn't do anything in there?”
    “Dad!” she yelled.
    “Mia, stop!” I cover her mouth.
    She doesn't care. “Dad!” she yelled again, pushing me off.
    Adym held her and covered her mouth, this time she is unable to break free.
    “Alright we'll tell you, but you can't tell dad. Understood?” I sigh.
    She stopped freaking out and nodded then Adym let her go. “I will cut your balls off if you ever hold me down like that again.” she gave Adym a mean look and turned back to me. “Now, what was so important between you two that you had to have a conversation in the bathroom if you're not having sex.”    
    I slowly take a deep breath. “We were talking about last night. After he brought me home....”
    She scoffed. “So you did sleep with him.”
    “Yes, but I had to tell him it was wrong and we can't do it again. I was feeling low and needed someone and he was there for me. That's it.” I hated saying it in front of Adym because I wasn't sure if he forgave me for saying what I did earlier and I didn't want to make it worse.
    “You fucking ass hole! I knew you were trouble the moment I saw you.” she pointed to Adym.
    “Look, okay, you promised you wouldn't tell dad.”
    “I'm not keeping this from him! That's disgusting, he's disgusting!”
    “No, Mia, he's not. Please?”
    “Whatever.” she growled then stormed down the hall as fast as her short legs would let her.
    Adym takes his hat off, leans against the wall, runs his fingers through his long bleached hair then puts his hat back on. “You think she'll keep the secret?”
    I shrug.
    “I still have to pee.”

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