Camden wasn't happy about her dad meeting another woman and she wasn't happy that she had a step-brother that posted videos on youtube. She watched his video's and thought he was dumb... until they actually met.


7. Catching?

    I finally fell asleep around noon but my dad came in and woke me up. “We're gonna take some more stuff to the house, Camden. Please, get dressed and help us?”
    I check the time from my phone and groan, noticing I only got an hour.
    “Come on, honey. They are here and you have some apologizing to do.” he pulled the blankets all the way off of me, picked me up and stood me on the ground.
    I laughed and leaned on him. “Dad!”
    He smiled. “Let's go.” he said before leaving.
    I put some 'Pink' sweatpants on and a 'Pink' tank-top on and went downstairs. Everyone was in the living room.
    “There she is! Sleeping beauty herself!” my dad motioned towards me.
    “Where's Dillon?” I say.
    “He and Mia went to his soccer game.”
    “So they aren't even going to be helping?” I cross my arms.
    “Camden don't start, honey, please.”
    I shrug. “I'm not.” I say then sit on the same couch Adym was but at the other end, I didn't want to sit too close.
    “I love how dressed up you get when we come over, makes me feel so special.” Adym smiled and said sarcastically.
    I chuckled. “I dress to impress.”
    He just looked at me, sending chills through my body like the night before. I look away before I have to catch my breath.
    “I'm glad to see you two are starting to get along.” his mom smiled at me.
    I nod. “Yeah, we are... kinda. Before we start anything today, I wanna say something to you.” I move over to the coffee table and sit on it in front of her. “I want to apologize to you for how I've been acting recently, it's not normally who I am. I'm not such a hard-ass bitch normally.”
    She leaned in and cupped her hands into my cheeks while smiling. “Oh, Camden, trust me, I didn't take any of it to heart. Like I told you before, I know it's hard for a young girl such as yourself to accept such a big change.” she kissed my forehead. “I'm just glad we can move past it.”
    I didn't like that she was all lovey-dove, that's not what I was going for but I didn't want to be rude so I just went with it.
    “Would you like some coffee?” my dad asked her as they went into the kitchen.
    When they were out of ear shot I turned back to Adym, he quickly turned away, trying to hid his smile. “No.”
    He turned back and ended up laughing.
    “No.” I repeat again, sitting back next to him, a little closer this time.
    “Yes. That was way too funny, is that what you wanted? Would you like me to take a few steps back with your dad so you and my mom could hang?”
    “Shut up, Adym!” I started laughing.
    He leaned just a little closer. “Make me.” he said softly.
    My smile slowly drops as I lean in too, not enough for us to be touching but close enough for me to feel his breath of my lips. “Uh..” I wasn't sure what to say. I think the fact that my dad and his mom was in the other room was making me nervous.
    He pulled away with a smirk and went into the other room.
    I sighed. “Don't you dare catch feelings” I mumble quietly to myself. I convinced myself that my heart was only beating because I was scared of getting caught. I then followed Adym into the kitchen.
    “Okay, who's ready to start?” my dad smiled.

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