She has been stolen from her family by her favorite band. How will she react? Will she cope well, or will she freak out? Read to find out...


6. Unexpected Calm

Lyla's pov
I've been left alone. I wish they would've untied me before they left. I manage to sit up and in that position - legs stretched out before me, and hands clasped in my lap - I peered around at my surroundings. The carpet under me is a tan-brown color, and goes in this room ending a little in front of the door, turning to hard wood where a landing is  with a shoe shelf set into the wall behind where the door lies when it is wide open. I find it a little interesting that there is a hardwood floor square just around the door. I look at the side of the room opposite the door, and there is an opening, where he carpet once again gives way to a hardwood floor. I realize that it is a kitchen, while I'm in the living room. Branching off of the living room, are two halls. One on each side of the room that does not have an opening to a different scenery. I can see no more than that, so I watch down the hall that the band disappeared down, and entertain myself by staring intently at the texture of the wall, and imagining that I can hear the meeting that is happening, presumably on just the other side of that wall. I sit staring like that, until a door opens and five boys seem to pop out of it an come toward me, Harry shutting the door behind them.

Liam's pov
We walk out toward the girl. I'm not sure how Niall plans to handle this. I think we have made an unspoken decision to leave him in charge of this situation, seeing as he was the one that got us to the fair. We get out of the hall and in the middle of the living room floor where the girl had sat up. There was a bit of an awkward silence before Niall broke it. "What's your name?" He was suddenly very calm.

Niall's pov
"What's your name?" I ask, calm now that her eyes are on me. Just having her watching me makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. she tells me her name equally calm. Why is she calm? Shouldn't she be panicking right now? I think. I am slightly befuddled, because usually people who have just gotten kidnapped are prone to panic right? suddenly I realize that while I've been thinking, I've missed her name. So I pretend that she was too quite "I'm sorry?" I say leaning slightly closer. Just enough for her to notice. "Lyla." She says. Lyla. the name fits her so well. Why did I think we should run from police when we did nothing wrong? Now we can be charged with kidnapping. But then she looks at me again and I am immediately calmed. "Alright boys" I say clapping my hands once in front of me, "Should we untie her then?" In response, I get a chorus of assent from the lads and we untie her. She chafes her wrists and ankles when they are off. "I do wish you would have taken those off a bit earlier." Boy she's calm. I don't think I would've been able to speak up in her situation. I kind of like that calm. The calm that she seems to radiate.

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