She has been stolen from her family by her favorite band. How will she react? Will she cope well, or will she freak out? Read to find out...


8. The Man

Lyla's pov
I was just taken again. Kidnapped from my original kidnappers... Even though it is just the same as if this man had taken me from my family, it is upsetting because I was calm there. The man that took me is holding me across my diaphragm with my arms pinned to my sides. I can't breathe, but I know that if I struggle, thinking of a way to escape will be even harder. So I don't. I just think. I think for what feels like an hour, though I know that that can only be a few minutes. Then it hits me. This grip. Before my brother died, he taught me how to get out of it. I suddenly go limp and it catches him by surprise, and he falls. At that point, I realize it's now or never. I push my arms out from my body and up, pushing his arms farther up where it will be easier to get out of. I quickly get out of it, and locate the nearest tree.
Man's pov
I went to that cabin after hopefully jewelry, but came away with something much more precious. This girl. She's beautiful. I set a ransom and took her. I wasn't expecting her to know how to get out of that hold though, most people don't. She catches me completely off guard when she goes limp. I fall, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep ahold of her. I don't worry about braking the fall, I focus my attention, instead, on keeping my arms around her. We're on the ground now. Suddenly my arms are being pushed up off of her. Crap. Now she's free. But in the process of getting out, she pulls my hood strings tighter. I can't see her. Up to now, I still haven't clearly seen her face. I finally get off the ground and on my feet, where I pull my hood down and look around for her. I turn in every direction, but can't see her. "Look up you big idiot!" I hear in a very familiar female voice.
Lyla's pov
Locating the tree was easy, and it looks like climbing this tree will be more difficult than most. Perfect. That means he can't get to me. I scurry up the tree, climbing at a pace that no one has ever been able to match me at. (We used to tree climbing competitions at my elementary and jr. high, and they were getting ready to start them at my high school). I get up the tree, and settle on a branch. I watch, amused, as the man fights to get himself off the floor, and releases his hood strings. Nobody ever looks up. He's looking in every direction but the one I'm in. He pulls his hood down completely as he does the first circle where he stands. "Look up you big idiot!" I call down. He looks up...and I freeze. "Jason!?" I screech, incredulous. What is my brother doing here? The next thing I know, I'm not in the tree anymore, but I'm in his arms. My brother has been dead for 4 years now. 
Jason's pov
I could never forget that voice. The one that could always talk me into anything. I think I'm hearing things. 
"Jason. Jason can you please teach me? I know you think it's dangerous, and I get it. You don't want to hurt me. But I need to know how to protect myself. Please? Don't you want me safe?" I look at my 14 year old sister, "okay. Alright, fine. I'll teach you. But you have to promise me that you will only use these skills if the situation is dire." 
"I promise"
End flashback
Slowly, I look up. There she is. My sister. What was SHE doing at that cabin? She's just sitting frozen on the branch. Staring at me. "Jason!?" She says in a very high pitch voice. Suddenly she's falling through the air. I catch her. Hugging her very close to me. Gosh have I missed her. She is sobbing into my shoulder. "I thought you were dead!" She cries between sobs. "I thought you were dead."
Niall's pov
"We've gotta get her back! She needs to be able to go back to her family." I'm panicking, and not caring how obvious I am being. "Niall chill." Louis says, "We'll get her back." He looks out the window. " they went that way," he points, "So lets go and surround him, over power him, and get her back." We all agree to that, and head out. We fan out and surround the figure that was barely visible from the cabin. He doesn't have her held in his arms anymore. I'm wondering what on earth happened when suddenly she falls out of the tree he's standing under, and into his arms. She is sobbing. Shaking visibly, but I can't hear her. They sit there. Her arms around his neck as he holds her, one arm under the knees, the other under her back. She just sits there sobbing into his shoulder. My heart starts to break. He must be someone she knew. I don't have a chance with her now. In the same moment, I feel a flash of anger. What can he have done to make her cry like that, when getting kidnapped - twice - didn't seem to faze her. I start walking forward.
Lyla's pov
I'm sobbing uncontrollably into Jason's shirt. The hollow I've felt in my heart since my brother and father died in a car accident is halfway full. My brother is here. In my mind all I can hear is, My brother. My brother. Jason is here. He's here at last. Suddenly there are hands pulling us apart. Fighting to take me away from him again. I freak out, fighting my way back to him. The other hands let go, and I go back and hug him again. Wanting him to be near me. He hugs me back once more, tightly, then he turns me around. I see Niall. As angry as could be. I run and hug him, I'm not sure why, but I hug him, and go back to Jason. "What have you done?" Niall cries "letting kidnapped twice did nothing to her. How have you made her cry like this!?" Suddenly I understand his anger. "Niall" I say, "this is my brother Jason. He's been dead for 4 years. Or at least I thought he was. I'm not crying out of sadness. These are tears of relief and joy."
Niall's pov
"Niall, this is my brother Jason." Phew. I may have a chance after all. "He's been dead for 4 years. Or at least I thought he was." How could he let her think that for so long without a word? "I'm not crying out of sadness. These are tears of relief and joy" I'm still angry, and that doesn't help much. "Yeah?" I say a little more harshly than I meant to, "Well if he's such a good brother why did he leave you for so long without a word?" I say it savagely, but instantly regret it when I see the hurt in her eyes. Pain that I caused. I've ruined her reunion with her brother. Her brother walks up and hugs her. Pain also in his eyes. Also pain that I caused. "He's right to ask that question Lyla. It's one you should have asked, though I understand why you didn't." Lyla looks at him. "Why then?" She asks in a very small voice. "Why did you leave us alone. Mom and I..." her voice trails off and she bursts into a fresh set of tears at the memory that brings up. She slowly falls to her knees where she places her elbows on the ground and her head on her hands. He kneels, putting his arm around her and pulling her close. "I know. I know. It was wrong of me to stay away when I found out where you'd moved to. But I wanted to be able to offer something. I needed money." She sucks in a breath. "We didn't need money. We just needed you. You and Dad." She can barely talk through her sobs. "I know little one. I know." He says. "That accident...the collapsed building, it did kill Dad. They found his body, but they couldn't find mine. Remember? I was picked up. Some guy realized that I was still alive and took me. He got to me before rescuers. Good thing too. I would have been dead by the time they found me." He continues, "they took care of me, revived me, and it took a full year to rejuvenate. By that time you had moved, and it took me 2 years to find you. And then, I was not allowed to leave. Finally, I broke free, and needed to get money so that I had something to bring back to you." 
I cant take it anymore. I have to speak. "You're doing that by stealing? I ask? Your intents are honorable, but not your means of going about it." 
"I know he said. I'm sorry. I swear I'll never do it again." I'm too nice to do it anyway. You know...I kind of knocked on your door, and didn't even have a real gun. I don't have the heart for it." He sounds slightly sad, "you guys are the first ones I've you can didn't work out to well."

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