She has been stolen from her family by her favorite band. How will she react? Will she cope well, or will she freak out? Read to find out...


5. Realization

Louis' pov
While watching the girl scan us, I realize that she goes over Niall twice. In the second time, I watched a connection form. A connection so visible, so - there - that it is almost physical. I don't think the other guys noticed it, but it was definitely there. I was jerked out of my reverie when Niall called an abrupt meeting in the other room. Leaving the girl tied up, we went in the first bedroom in a hall that had five. "Wow!" Liam exclaims "we certainly did pick well didn't we?" 
Niall didn't seem amused, though a low chuckle passed through the rest of us. He seemed oddly...distraught. "Guys. Do you realize what we've done?" He paused, "I didn't think about it before but...the innocent never run. And try especially don't kidnap a girl so that they can get away."
Realization and understanding began to dawn on the lads' faces. "So...we have successfully made criminals out of ourselves." I said rather slowly, remaining calm through a thought that should have put me in a panic. 

Liam's pov
Nial just told us that we were basically criminals now, and the thought is sort of horrifying. But in the midst of this horror, I am slightly amused. Where did we learn how to get away with a kidnapping? I think. Oh well. Nothing we can do now.

Niall's pov. 
Her eyes are off me. While she was looking at me, it felt right. What is happening? My mind is whirling. I don't know what to think anymore. It's like my calm deserted me the moment her eyes left mine. They are so blue. Looking at her brought me to realize that we had kidnapped an innocent girl for no particular reason. But I'm sure it happened for a reason. I feel like I've been waiting for this girl to enter my life for longer than I can remember. How did I know her? Or did I know her at all?

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