She has been stolen from her family by her favorite band. How will she react? Will she cope well, or will she freak out? Read to find out...


9. forgiveness

Niall's pov
We all walked back to the cabin together, and on the way, Jason picked up the "gun" that he had dropped when he grabbed Lyla. He hands it to me, and I examine it closely. It has all the same grooves and cracks that the fake gun we used to get Lyla. I realize something with a jolt. "Where did you get this?" I ask.
He looks down, flushing, I uhh... I picked it up next to the car in the driveway. 
I am right. This is the same gun used to get Lyla in the first place. It was used against her twice, suddenly I feel ashamed. "Lyla..." my voice trails off.
"What?" she asks, obviously noting my red cheeks and shamed expression. She's not taking pity on me. I have to say it. "This's not the first time it was used to kidnap you. We used it too." Jason bursts out laughing. "Lyla! You weren't with them by choice? You were kidnapped twice? Didn't I teach you better than that? I mean I taught you all of those self defense moves. You are a master at Kara-ti, Ti-quando, and so many others. You could probably knock all of these guys out in a single move for crying out loud." To my shock, she doesn't look the least bit ashamed. She smacked him on the shoulder none too gently and said laughingly, "Yup. Yup to everything you just said. Feel free to keep the compliments coming, though you might want to keep in mind that you have always been the only person to ever make me hotheaded. You're blowing up my ego here." I'm trying not to laugh and failing...She's funny too. "But I have an explanation for both of the kidnappings. The first one was at the know how I get. I thought 1-Direction might be performing at the fair, so I was walking backwards looking at the stage and everything else, when someone grabbed me in the same hold you had me in. I was shocked and didn't even have time to think when my bag was taken from me and someone else had a hold of my legs. I fought, and then realized that it wasn't going to do any good..." she recounts the story up to the car ride where she says, "I figured they took the blindfold...which I think was a pair of my of me while I slept in the car." I confirm her theory, and she continues the story.

"So you weren't just kidnapped twice," Jason laughs. "You were kidnapped twice in one day!" he is having difficulties containing his laughter and out on the front lawn of the house, where we've reached, he collapses on the grass rolling around with laughter. Lyla looks at him lovingly, and smiles. I can tell she really missed him a lot. There is an utter happiness in her eyes that makes me want to jump up and down for joy. Finally, we get him up and calmed, and we go inside. "You very well know the reason I was kidnapped the second time. The only person who has ever been able to beat me in anything fighting-wise, is you. And you do have to give me credit. I did get away from you, and if I hadn't purposely revealed my location to you, you never would have found me." He looks at her somberly and nods twice. I'm watching this reunion of brother and sister with amusement. If I had just been reunited with my sibling that had been "dead" for four years, it would have been a whole lot different than this. I probably wouldn't be laughing hysterically at them just a few minutes after meeting them for the first time after such a long separation.

Liam's pov
We get back to the cabin, and don't quite know what to do. We just watch Jason and Lyla talk. Suddenly though, after Lyla finishes talking, Jason nods, and Niall is suddenly talking. "Lyla...I'm super sorry that we kidnapped you. We really should have let you just stay with your family. If I had known about the hole in your family...but I didn't. Even then though, it is so far from making what we did in taking you away okay. I'm really truly sorry." he sounds so sincere. I am sure that if I was the one that had been kidnapped, I would have forgiven him on the spot. I don't say anything though, and a second later, the chance for any of us to put anything, such as agreement, into the conversation, is gone. "It's okay guys. Whether you realize it or not, you were the reason I have my brother back. If you wouldn't have kidnapped me, we would probably still be at the fair, and Jason may have taken things, no offense Jason, but getting money that way was an extraordinarily stupid idea, anyway," she plowed on not giving Jason a chance at response, "so you would be out some precious things, and I would've been out a brother. So in kidnapping me, you helped me, Jason, and yourselves all at once. That's seven people helped out by your actions. Not to say you should go kidnapping other people though... that might not work out so well for you."
She's not wrong. She not only just forgave us, but she complimented the crap out of us. I marvel at the pure sportsmanship that just radiates off of this girl. Niall speaks up again. "That doesn't make hat we did any more right. I am sorry." Why is he acting like this? Usually he would not have put up a fuss. A sudden realization hits me. He seriously likes this girl. Likes her enough that the fact that he did anything that had even the possibility of hurting her, is driving him crazy. She has to flat out say that she forgives him for him to feel any better. I have nothing to worry about though, because a second later, she speaks again. "Niall, it's okay. I forgive you. You don't have anything to worry about anymore. I'm not hurt by this experience at fact, I am better for it." Niall's relief is almost visible. How did she know exactly what to say? It's like she can see exactly what he's thinking just by looking into his eyes.

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