She has been stolen from her family by her favorite band. How will she react? Will she cope well, or will she freak out? Read to find out...



Lyla's pov

I wake up a little groggy, and look at the wall. I don't understand what's happening. My sight is all blurry. I can't really think of anything. Then, suddenly, I'm up and jumping around and throwing on my clothes. I'm wearing  a black Capri-sleeved button down shirt, with black skinny jeans, and knee-high grey high-healed boots. I packed my bags last night. The plan is for me to go to the fair with my mom, and then I will be going to my best friends house for TWO WEEKS!! I am soo excited! I grab my bags and race out to the car. My mom isn't there yet, and it takes me a second to understand why she isn't there. "Lyla!" I hear from inside the house, "Come get your breakfast!" I run back in and scarf down my food as fast as I can as my mom watches me, eating at a slower pace. "child, slow down." she says laughingly, "you're going to give yourself a stomachache. You don't want that all throughout the fair do you?" I realize that she's right and slow down a little. She seems a little surprised that I even heard her, let alone listened. She knows that when I get excited, I usually stop hearing anything that is not my mind squealing about what is to come in the future. We finish eating, and get in the car, throughout the ride, we are listening to the DVD I got in the mail yesterday. We pull up, Shailey is standing by her car which is parked right next to ours. I jump out and hug her tightly. "Wanna help me with my bags?" I ask. I know that it's probably rude to ask rather than wait for her to offer, but I can't help it. I'm too excited to remember my manners. She doesn't even bother replying. Just grabs one of the three that I have and throws it into the back of her car. My mom and I each grab one of the other two and throw those in as well. Then my excitement overcomes me again and I grab them back out. "I'll just keep them with me! They won't cause any harm." The other two reluctantly agree, and we go on into the fair. We look around, and whistle in unison. This is the best fair they've put on yet. Rides everywhere, booths taking over what space the rides have left, and even a stage.  A STAGE! Are they going to have One Direction on? I wonder. "I don't know, but I sure hope so." Shailey informs me that I had spoken aloud rather than keeping my thoughts to myself. We start to walk around, having no trouble with my bags, because they are backpacks, and we've each got one. I don't know why, but I don't want a backpack on, and neither do the other two, so we all just carry them in our hands, by the handles on the tops of the packs. I look at my mom, who is like my best friend, and Shailey who is just like my family, and think, I have the best friends ever. As I am looking back at them, I run into someone, and then I'm grabbed, and my bags are also grabbed off of all three of our backs. They thought it was me, because they were paying attention to the stage where some new band is going on, and looking completely awesome. I have been pinned. Arms held to my side, by an arm around my waist, another hand is over my mouth, and then, the last thing I want. A blindfold is slipped over my head, and I'm being dragged away. I'm in a blind panic, flailing my legs, until finally, another pair of arms grabs them too. I don't know what's going on, or what to do. All I can think is get out of it get out of it get out of it. Then some rational thought comes back, and I forcebly calm myself down, and go limp. They are caught off gaurd, and almost drop me, but grab me up again. That's fine. I didn't expect them to let me go that easily. Now it is easier for them to carry me, but it is also easier to think. I assess my situation, and a sudden realization hits me.

Niall's pov
I just finished telling the boys about the fair, and we are all celebrating. We calm down, and realize that I never made it to the store, so we go out and go to the nearest Walmart. Just as we walk in, we see that there's been a breech in security. Somebody just stole a TV, and some other expensive electronic equipment. They're in the process of leaving in their getaway car. There is a problem though. Their car looks just like ours. We run back to the hotel and get back to the room. We know that even though we did nothing wrong, tomorrow, everyone will think it was us. we decide to use the fair as a getaway. So we pack up all of our stuff into our suitcases, and bed down for the night. 
When we wake up it is just about time to go. We hurry to get ready, and then get our things put in the car, and head down to the fair. When we get there, we realize that practically nobody is there, and police have seen the car, and are heading toward it. We quickly go to the opposite end of the parking lot, and park next to the only other two cars on the lot. We jump out and head confidentially onto the fair grounds. We are standing by one of the booths waiting for more people to show up, so that we can blend into the crowds...not that that is too easy for us to do, seeing as we have A LOT of fans. But that won't work anyway, because there are no crowds to blend into. The police are heading our way. What do we do now? my mind is in a jumble. Harry, has an idea, and tells us. He isn't happy with it, but he tells us anyway, but the question now, is: who? Then someone bumps into me I turn around and realize that it is a girl, around 16 or 17, most likely 17. I look at her for a second, before making a sudden decision. I grab her. One arm around her waist, the other hand covering her mouth. I send the boys after her bags. I don't know how it is, but I can tell that the bags that she and the two with her were  carrying, were all hers. They were easy to get. The girl I have, had lost most of her grip on hers, and the other two were looking up at the stage with awe, and paying no attention to their surroundings. We grab the bags, slip something out of one of them, and use it as a blindfold, I think it is a pair of leggings, and start to walk away, looking at the police, and holding, what looked like a gun, but was not, to her head. Then the kicking started. This girl was not coming easily. She kicked and flailed her legs, until Louis finally grabbed her legs. Holding them as tightly as he could. For a few seconds she fights, but then, suddenly, she goes limp. Louis and I almost drop her, but are somehow able to keep a hold. We proceed awkwardly to our car. Harry pointing at the gun, and looking at the police. The two girls that were with this one, have noticed her absence by now, and are screaming and crying. They are trying to run to us, but are being held back by the police. We get to our car, and Harry yells at them not to follow us. We cover our license plates, and jump in. Before too long, we are speeding out into the road, heading to a secret place that we had secreted earlier in the trip. We actually own the place, and it is outside the city in the woods. Perfect for something like this. The girl is tied up and laying across the boy's laps in the back seat, Harry sitting up front, and me driving. Somehow, we get away. Once into the urban country, we know we are home free.

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