She has been stolen from her family by her favorite band. How will she react? Will she cope well, or will she freak out? Read to find out...


2. Exciting news

Niall's pov

I walk into the main room of the hotel I share with the lads. "Louis!" I call, "do we have any chips and salsa left?" It takes a few seconds, but I hear a muffled voice behind a closed door, "No! You ate all of them last night before we went to bed." Yeah...that sounds like something I would do. Oh well. I guess I'll have to do a store run. 
I exit the hotel after telling the boys where I'll be. On the way to the store though, I get sidetracked. I see a flyer. "FAIR TOMORROW FROM 10 AM TO 10 PM" I am psyched. We've been working the whole 2 weeks we've been here, and tomorrow is our day of play before we head back to London.
Forgetting what I was doing, I race back to the hotel and tell the others. They are as excited as I am. We plan to go.

Lyla's pov
I have a sudden burst of memory and carefully set my disk down before running down to my mom. "MOM! Mom!" I call. She doesn't have a chance to answer. I reach her too quickly. I am excited out of my mind. "MOM! I just remembered! Remember the fair tomorrow!!?"
"yeees...?" She draws the word out in a confused type of question. "Don't you get it!?" I ask incredulously. "Everyone who's anyone will be there. You never said if we could go or not. But I really want to. Please?" I am talking too fast for her to even have a chance to cut in. I take a breath after please, and she takes her opportunity. "Yes. You can go. But only if you set the dinner table rather than going back to your room." 
"Oh thank you! Thank you sooo much mom. I'll do that now!" I run into the kitchen and set the table, and because of my excitement, I can't go back to my room. I decide instead to help with dinner. My mother and I cook it together dancing to 1D music (she's not lame, so she likes my music and I like hers.) It is a ton of fun, and we just enjoy each other's company while we finish dinner and then eat it.

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