She has been stolen from her family by her favorite band. How will she react? Will she cope well, or will she freak out? Read to find out...


12. all for 1 and 1 for all

Shailey's pov

I wake up from a dreamless sleep and get dressed. I grab my keys and drive to Lyla's house expecting to find her there and ask her why she didn't come to my house yesterday. I pull into her driveway and run to the house and into the door. Or at least I try. There is something in the way of the door, but at my push, the block moves, and her mother looks out the crack I've opened in the door. Her face is streaked with tears, and her eyes are red and puffy. She is still weeping silently, but continuously. At that moment, my memory of yesterday comes flooding back. I push the door the rest of the way open, and pull her into a hug. She remains folded into herself as I hug her, her hands brought up to her chest as I hold her tightly, trying to give her the comfort which I do not feel. I have begun to cry. It's not sofa silent crying either. It is rough, and we are both shaking with sobs. Suddenly both of us start wailing loudly. We are not alone for long though. The neighbor hears us and comes over. Neither of us notice at first, and we are both startled when we hear a voice coming from behind me. "Are you guys okay? First she comes speeding up like a bat out of heck, and now you are both here crying. Can I help you guys in any way?" We both look at her, not sure what to say. I let go of Ray and, surprising even myself, I run into her neighbors arms. She is shocked and stiffens for just a second, quickly regaining her composure, and then hugs me back. She starts to rub my back, trying to calm me down enough to speak. "C-come in p-please?" I say leading both of the others into the living room. We all sit, and I tell the story, marveling at her patience with me as I stutter, and stop the story to sob at random points throughout it. "I'm sure we'll find her soon." She looks at me through sad eyes. I almost forgot that Lyla had been very close to Jan. Is...she still is. I can't let myself slip like that. She is not gone forever. We will find her. Soon. "I-I-I...I just want my baby back" Ray stutters through sobs. "I know love. She's okay. Remember that. She is okay, and she will be okay when we find her." My heart warms at "we". She's not going to just leave us alone to find her. She's going to help us. "Okay." She says to help lighten the mood, "Hands in all." We both stretch our hands out in front of us placing them on top of Jan's. I'm not sure what's going on, and by the look on her face, neither does Ray. Suddenly, Jan screams, "ALL FOR ONE, AND ONE FOR ALL!" Ray and I can't help ourselves, we giggle slightly.

Lyla's pov

I bolt upright in my bed in a cold sweat. I hope nobody heard me screaming, I know I was. Suddenly, my door opens and Niall runs in, sitting on my bed and pulling me into his chest in a tight hug. Against my will, tears come. Then it is more than tears. I am sobbing at the reminder of that day. The worst day of my life. The day most of my family died, taking a huge part of me with them. "It's alright" he coos soothingly into my ear as his hand traces calming circles on my back. As I continue to cry, I hear a noise at the door and look over. Jason is standing right there, concern etched deeply in every line of his face. I can't do anything though, other than burry my face back in Niall's shirt and weep even harder. I feel a hand on my shoulder, and look back over to see Jason has come over to me from the door, and is also trying to calm me.

Niall's pov

I hear a scream. I can't make out what it said. I wake up a little more and hear another scream, "NOO!" There were many more screams of "no" and I am out of bed. I run as fast as I can to Lyla's room, where the screams were coming from, and race across the room to her. Without realizing what I was doing, I sit on her bed, and pull her quickly to me. She begins to cry, hard, soaking my shirt through. I hug her more tightly, and rub her back, cooing comforting things gently into her ear. There are footsteps in the hall, so I look over and see Jason. He looks in, and almost falls, catching himself on the doorframe, making a loud enough noise that Lyla, her crying diminishing not at all, and sees Jason. She begins to cry even harder, if that's even possible, and turns her head back to my chest, burying her face in my shirt once again. Jason comes over to her and places his hand on her shoulder, giving me a questioning look. She turns her head again and sees Jason. She calms ever so slightly, and turns back to me. The questioning look has not been taken away, so I shrug at him, being confused myself. He sits down behind her, placing one hand on each of her shoulders. She turns and hugs him tightly, and a look of understanding passes over his face. She won't let go of him, so he just rubs her back telling her it's okay. "It's okay. I'm here. I won't leave you again. It's okay. You're going to be okay." He speaks more gently than I've ever heard him before. She nods, calming majorly. She pulls out of his grip, tucks her legs under her, and lays in my lap. He stroked her back, and I play with her hair. Exhausted from her crying, she falls asleep, leaving the two of us there, stroking her back and hair soothingly. Jason speaks almost in a whisper, "take care of her," and walks out of the room. I continue to stroke her hair gently, but she seems to notice the lack of Jason's touch, and she wakes up. She looks at me, thanking me with her eyes. I nod slightly, and continue stroking her hair. She falls back deeply asleep, total exhaustion overcoming her. I stayed stroking her hair for several minutes, until I dropped back and fell asleep myself. Thinking relieved thoughts that we were all okay.

A/N I'm so excited! I have over 50 reads! Thank you to everyone who is taking the time out of your days to read my story! I appreciate it so much!

Love y'all!

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