Graffiti King

James was just a normal person, every day was the same, he caught the same train and went to university the same. Until one specific day, the same was different, that day he became someone else, someone he had abandoned years ago, he became himself.


3. Infamous

Act 1 - Revolution

"'..Art has power. It always has and always will. Colours can influence emotion, and art, which is a combined mixture of these colours, can influence the mind,' the teacher read to the bored class. James heard it as he drew on the corner of the page, 'and art can do much more than just move people, it can save them...'"


Chapter 3 ~ Infamous

   One of the saddest things about a city is the fact that you can never see the stars of a true night sky. This one was much like any other, it hadn't seen felt the gaze of the stars for several decades. To think that there were children raised here and had never seen a star, save for the one that ruled the day.

    Until now.

    For the first time in their lives, hundreds of people, not just children, saw stars, not just one or two, but millions of them, glittering and shining on the walls of the orphanage. Whole galaxies were strewn in beautiful colours and patterns over its walls. The inside was much like the same.

   During the day the stars would fade but leave behind a chromed coloured look with patterns of red, blue, purple and pink. It would gleam in the sunlight and the darkened walls underneath would leech from the heat and light of the sun, storing it for the millions of stars for the next night.

   During the day it was a palace of rainbows, and during the night it was a universe of galaxies.

   James smiled as he examined his masterpiece from afar, even from the furthest reaches of the city the orphanage was visible, once it marked a terrible fate, now it would glitter beautifully for decades longer. He had made the city hold its breath in awe, for one night and many more.

   And the true result of the brilliance was still yet to come. His true objective was yet to be seen.

   It happened sooner than he thought.

   Eventually half the city had seen it, and among the ones that had, there happened to be one person that James had hoped to move. To touch the heart of a man with power.

   Pulling strings here and there, the man managed to use his power to create a huge prosperous fundraiser for the orphanage. A way for the orphanage to be repaired and also give several hundred orphans a place to call home.

   And all it took was three days of hard work and one damn good piece of art.

   News spread like the fire that had engulfed the orphanage, the orphans spoke of a black haired boy artist, creator  of the magnificent masterpiece of vandalism he had dealt to the orphanage. And many sought him out to praise him.

   No matter how much good it did, a crime is still a crime and one with such publicity, the police weren't going to just let it slip.

   He was now a wanted man.

   The Infamous Hero.

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