Torn between two boys

Harry and his family had just moved in next to a girl named Kaylee. She starts to have strong feelings for him and so does Harry. Kaylee's Mum finds out she was with Harry and kicks her out of her own house. How will she get a new a house?Will Harry help? Then Niall starts to have feelings for Kaylee. Will Kaylee start to have feelings for him or will she stay with Harry.


17. Tour

Kaylee p.o.v

When Niall said that Harry and Niall were fighting about me.

"Look Niall I know you both want me but I need to decide to who I want." I said.

"I know but please choose me I'll promise you won't regret it because I love you." Niall replied.

"I don't know who to choose but please don't pressure me." I responded.

I went to Harry's house, earlier he called me to come. I opened the door and saw everyone there except for Niall.

"Hey everyone." I said while waving.

"Hey guess what?!" Liam said excitedly.

"Um your pregnant?" I guessed.

"What? No? Plus I can't." He said.

"Me and the lads are in a band and we're going to tour!" Louis screamed.

"Wow! I'm so happy for you guys." I said hugging them.

"Would you like to come with us?" Harry asked.

"You really want me to go with you?!" I yelled.

"Yes come with us."

Yeah come with us please." They said.

"Okay." I replied.

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