Torn between two boys

Harry and his family had just moved in next to a girl named Kaylee. She starts to have strong feelings for him and so does Harry. Kaylee's Mum finds out she was with Harry and kicks her out of her own house. How will she get a new a house?Will Harry help? Then Niall starts to have feelings for Kaylee. Will Kaylee start to have feelings for him or will she stay with Harry.


6. Spending the day together

Kaylee p.o.v

I woke up in an unfamiliar room, then I remembered that my mum kicked me out of the house. I went to the kitchen to see if anybody was there and Harry's mum was making breakfast.

"Good morning dear did you sleep well?" She asked and she had been very sweet to me ever since I met her.

"Good morning and yes I did sleep well thank you." I said replying to her question.

"Harry will be back in a moment he ran to the store to get some milk for me." Anne said.

"Okay I'll wait for him in the living room." I said and she just nodded.

I waited for him for about 10 minutes and finally he came.

"Hey babe" He kissed my cheek. "Sleep well?" he asked and I just nodded. He went to the kitchen to leave the milk in the fridge and came to sit in the couch with me.

"So I was thinking we can spend the day together, just you and me." He suggested while having his arm around me.

"I think that's a perfect idea." I said agreeing to his offer.

"Harry, Kaylee breakfast is ready!" Anne called.

We went to the table said our prayers and ate. Harry's mum food was delicious. Better than my mum's that's for sure.

After breakfast I went to go shower and I wanted to look nice for Harry I usually don't care how I look. Harry is my boyfriend now and I want to impress him.

After I showered I put on a black flow dress and my white converse. I tied up my hair in a high ponytail and also put on some light makeup.

"Kaylee you look beautiful." Harry told me. I blushed and looked down.

We left and Harry was driving in circles and I was confused I don't know where he was going.

"Where are we going?" I finally asked.

"It's a surprise." He responded.

"We've been driving in circles." I said.

"I know, I did it on purpose so you wouldn't know where we are going." He replied.

"Okay?" I said like a question.

We finally arrived to our destination but before we got here he told me to put a blindfold on.

"Okay you may take your blindfold off." Harry said.

I took it off and we were at a park with a picnic. It was really beautiful.

"Oh my goodness Harry you didn't have to do all of this." I told him. I kissed him, he pulled away from the kiss.

"I know but, I wanted to." He said, and kissed me again.

We were at the park for a long time and we went to his house.

"Harry I need to apply for a job tomorrow." I told him. I hope he doesn't ask why he will make me stay at his house and I don't want to over welcome my stay.

"Okay" Is all Harry said.

Thank Goodness he didn't ask why.

"Sleep at my room tonight." Harry suggested.

"I can't." I said I don't want his mum to be suspicious and hate me.

"Please." He pouted his lip and put his hands together

"Okay but if your mum finds out it's not my fault." I made him make sure that I'm not responsible for being in his room if his mum catches us.

We when to his room and I told him to turn around so I could change into my night clothes. I loved that he respected me. After I changed I turned around so he could change.

"You don't need to turn around you could see me if you want to." Harry said with a smirk on his face.

I just nodded and stayed turned around. Harry laid down on his bed and he patted a spot for me next to him. I went to go lay with and we were cuddling.

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