Torn between two boys

Harry and his family had just moved in next to a girl named Kaylee. She starts to have strong feelings for him and so does Harry. Kaylee's Mum finds out she was with Harry and kicks her out of her own house. How will she get a new a house?Will Harry help? Then Niall starts to have feelings for Kaylee. Will Kaylee start to have feelings for him or will she stay with Harry.


7. Mates

Kaylee p.o.v

I woke up with Harry and he was still hugging me since last night. Today I had to find a job to buy my own house and not live with Harry anymore. I carefully grabbed Harry's hand and moved it aside, I didn't want to wake him up. I went to the restroom to shower, I brought my clothes with me. It was some jeans with a plain black shirt. I took a 10 minute shower, after that I went back to Harry's room and saw him still asleep. I was fixing my hair and I heard Harry's morning voice.

"Good morning sweetie. How did you sleep?" He asked. It was so amazing to hear his voice.

"I slept pretty well how about you?" I also asked while kissing his cheek.

"I slept well too, you were here to keep me well asleep." He is such a cutie pie.

"Harry I'm going to apply for a job stay here." I demanded him. He wasn't ready and I needed to leave.

"No I want to go with you." He whined.

"Your not even dressed." I said reminding him.

"I'll change quickly." He told me.

"Fine but hurry up." I said rushing him.

He got up quickly and put on the first thing he saw which was some sweats and a white tee. He quickly brushed his teeth and hair and off we went to apply me for a job.

"What job do you want to apply to?" Harry asked.

"Um I think I want to apply for Nandos." I replied and Harry just nodded.

We drove over there. I got an interview and I got the job.

"Babe before we go home I want to introduce you to some of my mates." Harry said.

"Okay that's fine." I said back.

We drove and we finally arrived to a house. It was a pretty nice house.

"Hey mate how are you?" A boy with brown hair asked him.

"I'm good, this is my girlfriend Kaylee." Harry introduced me.

We exchanged smiles and handshakes. We went inside the house and Harry once again introduced me to the other two boys.

One of them looked at me weird like he spaced out or something.

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