Torn between two boys

Harry and his family had just moved in next to a girl named Kaylee. She starts to have strong feelings for him and so does Harry. Kaylee's Mum finds out she was with Harry and kicks her out of her own house. How will she get a new a house?Will Harry help? Then Niall starts to have feelings for Kaylee. Will Kaylee start to have feelings for him or will she stay with Harry.


2. Friends

Harry p.o.v

I heard my mum call me and I went over there.

"Harry go spend time with his lovely girl let her show you around. Is that alright Kaylee?" My mum said. I turned red and I could see her staring at me and she had her arms crossed she was very beautiful.

"Yeah its fine I could show him around" she said. We left walking and she was talking and showing me around and I just stayed quiet.

"Harry do you want to get some coffee?" She asked me and I just nodded. I don't know why I'm so quiet around her. All the other girls I've been with I have been myself, and I'm not with her.

We went into a simple coffee shop she ordered her drink and I ordered mine. We sat there in silence and I decided to finally talk.

"So Kaylee what's your life like." I talked and that was the first thing that came to my mind.

"Oh finally Harry you talked I felt like I was basically talking to myself on our way here." She said. She's really funny I just laughed and she laughed with me.

"Well I live with my mum, I just graduated high school and that's basically it." She said. Wow she had a simple life.

"Come on there's more than that." I said trying to convince her to tell me more.

"Nope that's really it" She replied.

We talked for a long time, we laughed, we choked, and fell off out chairs a couple times.

"I had fun today Harry hope to spend time with you again." She said.

"We can, how about tomorrow at 10?" I asked and I really liked her, she seemed nice and I had never had feelings this strong about a girl before.

"Yeah, here's my number if you want to reschedule the time." She explained while writing her phone number on a paper.

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