Torn between two boys

Harry and his family had just moved in next to a girl named Kaylee. She starts to have strong feelings for him and so does Harry. Kaylee's Mum finds out she was with Harry and kicks her out of her own house. How will she get a new a house?Will Harry help? Then Niall starts to have feelings for Kaylee. Will Kaylee start to have feelings for him or will she stay with Harry.


10. Breaking up (or what she was going to do but didn't)

Niall p.o.v

Kaylee doesn't know how much I like her. She likes me as well. She says she loves Harry but she doesn't love him as much as she says because she wouldn't of liked me.

I respect my mate Harry but I can't respect his decision of his girlfriend I want her to be mine. I went to my house to think about what I told Kaylee. I shouldn't have said that. I heard my phone ring and I saw that it was Kaylee.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey Niall I'm done with my shift can I go to your house and talk?" She said. Probably she thinks the same she doesn't love Harry as much as she says.

"Yeah sure I'll be waiting here." I responded and she just hanged up after that.

She came to my house in a jiff. I opened the door and signaled her to come in.

She started talking and said: "I think your right about me breaking up with Harry. If I loved Harry like I said I do I wouldn't of had feelings for you." She explained. I knew she was thinking about us.

"Do you want me to come with you?" I asked I didn't want her to be heartbroken and I will be by her side no matter what.

"Sure" she said replying to my question.

We left and she and Harry started taking.

"Harry we need to talk." Kaylee started.

"Yeah love?" He asked.

"I um... I love you." She said instead of saying 'I think we need a break or I don't think this is working out' she said 'I love you.' Wow, I'm speechless.

"Well I love you too." Harry said back.

They kissed passionately and they took it to the room. I just went home. She texted me saying.

Kaylee: I'm sorry I tried but I love him too much.

Niall: it's fine.

Our conversation was short and after my text she didn't say anything after.

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