The secret book of hogwarts

When Ginny, Draco, Luna, and Cedric ( pretend he didn't die) have to work together to find a secret, will they succeed or fail. Miserably.


1. chill

I paced and paced. What did McGonagal want us to do? I glanced nervously at the other 'contestants'

"IN A LINE." Said a robotic voice. "Robots. Seriously?" I glanced around and realized no one else knew what a robot was. I only did because of my dad, which is even worse.

"Ginny, you need to chill." Said a cold blooded voice behind me. I whipped around causing my hair to strike Malfoy's face.

" Why, exactly would I 'chill' when we are most likely going to die of lack of oxygen, or food." I snapped. "Give me one reason. I dare you." I said in a deadly tone. He shrank back and I smirked worthy enough for him and his toad friends.

"Why are we even in here anyway?" I shouted at the speaker. "You have been chosen to find a book. You will make friends and hate others, but you can only find your prize by working together. You have one week to figure out youe first clue. Remember, hope can always be found, even in the darkest if times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." The speaker emphasized the word light. I flipped the switch and turned off the light. Everyone was in chaos, so I said "Lumos," and looked around. I searched the room and saw something glowing blue. The mirror on the wall to my right had words in graved into the frame but they were backwards. "Geminio" I said and pointed my wand at the mirror. "What are you doing?" Dracos voice sounded in the background. "She's figured out the clue. You really should be in Ravenclaw," Cedric said and Luna nodded. I touched the mirror and it multiplied. I bent down to pick up a copy mirror. "Wingardium leviosa," I muttered and the mirror flew up, even to the one on the wall. If you know where it is, you only need ask, if you have no idea, asking will get you nowhere. "Its in the room of requirement. The next clue." I turned around and Malfoy stood with his mouth open. I smirked again.

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