My Interpretations of Songs

My (typically) out-of-the-box interpretations of songs.


2. Out on the Town by fun. [Interpretation]

This is a song by the old band fun. So yes, it's relatively old. 



Listen to it, then read. It probably won't make sense unless you do.


I don't know for certain, but my interpretation of this song is that his significant other has killed themselves because of an argument that they had.

He says, "I set all my regrets on fire, Cause I know I'll never take the time, To unpack all my missteps and call all of our friends, I know that they would take your side." 

He tried to get rid of his regrets about the fact that the girl's not alive because of him, but something is still left (ashes, metaphorically) and he only starts to regret more. He knows that he can't speak to his friends because they'll only bring it up to him and make him feel worse, and they'll take her side.

He's missing her, saying that he "make[s] the bed, but not that well". He wants her back, because now he can't do the most basic things, because he's missing her so much.

His mother won't let it go, so she always brings it up to him. She still wants to keep him around, not drinking, and remembering his girlfriend and why she died.

As we get to the chorus, we see him describing the things he's doing because she's gone. He goes to her house and "trie[s] not to throw stones, but [he] want[s] to come inside". He wants to see her house again, hoping that maybe she's still alive and that he can find her where he used to. He's going crazy and "causing a scene" because she's dead and he so desperately wants to see her again. He wants to see her smile, and thinks that she needs a reason to, because she died because of him and he doesn't know where she is. In the last two real lines of the chorus, we hear him breaking down and crying and wondering, "Oh no, what have I done?" He's completely flooded with what's happened, and he realizes,"There's no one to keep me warm."

People are coming to take her body away now, and he's watching, crying, saying, "So maybe I should put up a fight," and, as they leave, he says,"I'll call them back and borrow a box knife". 

He admits that he's been doing "all that stupid s**t...since '99", but it obviously hasn't been this bad.

He then seems to start talking to the deceased in begging prayers, saying all of his bad traits, and he's kinda beginning to realize why she killed herself: "And I know I could be more clever, And I know I could be more strong."

He says, "I'm waiting for the day you come back and say, 'Hey, maybe I should change my mind'". He's believing that she's still alive somehow, saying that she'll come back and say that she shouldn't do that, and that she'll be back with him.

He admits he drinks a lot because she's gone. He's been doing it for a long time ("I'm not sure if that's new"), but not this much. He thinks that drinking'll take the pain away.

The next part is where he says that he still can't get over her death by drinking: "But these days when I wake up from a night I forgot." He says it with so much regret, and to back this up, he then says, "I just wish that it never came true". He was wishing her dead, sure that both he and she would be better off that way. And he says that it should never have come true, that he wishes that it wasn't true-- that he's been stupid for even thinking it. 

He goes on to say that he knew that there'd be a day when her life would end, and now he's basically nothing because it shouldn't've been so soon that her life'd ended. His mistakes are "bouncing off [her] wall[s]," meaning that he can't talk to her, that he can't get through the wall between life and death. He says that, while he's drinking, while the, "bottles [don't] break, the sorrow never comes". But he wants to see her again, he wants to be her "sun" (the light of her life) again. He says that, if she's just open up her heart, she might can hear him again, she might can see him again, she might be alive. But he's wrong, so he just keeps acting like a lunatic because he can't have her back and he never will.

This is my interpretation of the song. I may be overthinking it, but I do believe that this is what it was about.

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