My Dreams

Summer Bronte is a Junior in College, waiting to graduate and start her life. Since she is studying to become a scientist, and not to mention a very high IQ, she is the hottie everyone is looking for. Unlike High School, she is very popular, and her best friend that went with her to College is also popular. What happens in her senior year when her old crush came to her college? And not to mention he was a douche.
(Sorry for my bad information in this inscription.)


1. The New Year Introduction

  "Hey, you ready Sum?" my best friend, Kelly yelled at me. "As ready as I'll ever be." I told her. I heard the rumble of the Headmaster talking to the freshmen and the transferring students.

  "And now is the future scientists of our generation, Kelly Demarc and Summer Bronte, here to show our transfers and freshman life here in Comaya college."

  Kelly and I briskly walked onto the shiny wooden stage, with our shoes clacking along the wood. I looked out onto the crowd and saw hundreds of new, bright faces. Fearful of life in college. "It'll be okay." I told myself, fearful of I could say wrong.

  The headmaster gave Kelly the microphone first, which then she handed me instead of going first. 

  "Um, hi everyone. My name is Summer Bronte, or as my friends call me, Sum. Since you are now at Comaya College, you are all my friends so you may call me whatever you like. Anyways, Comaya college means a lot to me, whatever comes from this college will lead you through life,whether it be inside jokes, future jobs, and friends. Kelly here has been my dorm buddy ever since my freshman year, so we have built a strong relationship on the foundation of Comaya College. I am studying to become a forensic scientist every since I was ten years old in my hometown of Weimar, Texas.

  " To get good grades, you must buckle down and study, don't go to parties every single night, just go once or twice a month. Work together with your classmates, go to sleep and always get as much sleep as you can. Um, I think thats all, so I guess I will hand it off to Kelly." I handed it off to Kelly as I felt eyes sore off of me and onto Kelly.

  'Look! You did it! I know you could.' I told myself, grinning. As Kelly spoke, I stood, showing interest in everything Kelly said, except not listening at all.




Tyler's P.O.V

  "So, what is Summer's reputation here?" I asked my dorm buddy, wanting to know since I knew Summer as a child.

  Summer and I were not the best of friends, but where good friends in Junior High. When we reached High School she didn't really pay much attention to me, and ditto for me to her. In high school, she was the school's valedictorian, and the ruler among the geeks, so I didn't even talk to her ever. Especially since I was playing all the idiotic girls who jumped at the sight of me.

  "Summer is the Queen Bee around here, but she doesn't realize it. Kelly Demarc and Peggy Pinc are her best friends and she is always around them. Peggy was tutoring a kid so we didn't see her in there. As you could see, Summer is pretty shy, so she doesn't like to talk to huge amounts of people, but everyone here is her friend. Trust me, Everyone knows her and they all want her as their girlfriend. Summer doesn't date though so don' think about it. Summer also is very intelligent, so if you ever need a tutor, go to her first." Kevin told me.

  "Well, Summer was a good friend of mine in Junior High. I just wanted to see what her reputation was here." I told him.

  "Well then, you're valuable. Everyone here has no idea about her past, only Kelly and Peggy know. Her other outer circle of friends know nothing about among everyone else." Kevin said turning away. He waved back to me as her walked in the opposite direction.

What happened to you Summer Bronte?

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