Alpha Xavier

Taking risks was never part of lily's life, until the day she took the biggest risk of her life. The risk that led her straight into the monsters claws.


2. Chapter 2

I never knew how far I could go before I broke. I always thought I would be one of those that kept the fight up until the bitter end. But there's only so much you can take before your body gives up and just waits for the sweet relief of death.

The thought of keeping this abuse up is slowly killing me, and I know that I won't be able to keep going I'm going to die. And that's not just a sweet dream it's a bitter fact.

Blood was trailing down my forehead over my cheek, it pasted the already dried in blood. The blood was starting to get caked up on my face. It was incredible how much blood you could lose without dying.

He had long ago taken me down from the ceiling, not that I was much of a release, it just made it easier to breath. Later came the drowning, ice bath, hunger, no sleep, with every torture came the same question and with every question came the same answer. I even tried rephrasing the answer but it never changed the out come, so I just stuck with the same answer over and over again. 'I was just passing through.' It never changed anything but at least I would die knowing I had done everything right that even though I could have told lie after lie to just die I kept to the truth.

He kept this on for months or at least I think it was months, I don't know anymore. Every time I was on the verge of giving up he would let me rest for some time so that he could keep his game going.

At night the screams would keep me company, at day it was my own screams that kept me awake.

It came to a point where I would flinch at the smallest sound. Even the screams that once comforted me in knowing I wasn't alone. I became scared of everything.

At one point he made sure that no more light could come in, that's when everything became blurry. Night and day didn't exist anymore, only the need to die became my number one thing.

I never thought I would be able to wish for my own death. You always hear the stories but you never think it would be you.

I think winter came, at least the temperature dropped until I could see my own breath, in that period he never came. I got a glass of water and a lump of bread every few days. It came through a little opening in the door, I never came in contact with humans. That was probably the worst part not being able to see someone to make the normal contact with humans was probably the worst part. I the end I didn't even hear the screams anymore. I didn't know if it was just my imagination or if we were all waiting for the inventible.

I don't know how long I was in there just sitting waiting for something to happen. I. The end I stopped waiting for something, I stopped eating, I stopped thinking, I just stopped everything. And then I waited for the thing I needed the most. Death.

It took a few days but eventually everything went black.


~ Xavier

"Sir the cells are full, we need to get rid of some of the rouges," Elijah said. He was a good Gemma, he knew what he needed to do to keep the pack save. Sometimes I just feared he took it to far, everything has it's breaking point.

"Who's on the death list?" I asked him, the death list was as it says in the name people that were scheduled to be killed. They had either been questioned, or they had committed a crime where we had all the evidence to put them on the death list. If they had been questioned and we knew they had admitted to doing a crime they would be put on the death list. We also had a few wolves put on the list because we knew they were lying but we didn't have the evidence. It wasn't often someone was put on the list without the evidence, because of the council, but it happened .

"We have a few rouges on the list, and a pack member that committed murder." Elijah said without blinking. "Lets look at the rouges first and then we'll ask for a viewing of the council to get the pack member killed." I said, while standing up. "Let's get this over with, I need the paper work on each of the rouges. And I need you to get the executer, while I view them." I said while walking to the door.

Putting someone on the death list has never been my favorite thing to do, but it's what's expected. It's always been that way, the list has been known as many things; the black list, the damned list, the devils list, but it has always come down to the same thing; people needed to die.

It wasn't a pretty thing but a necessary thing.

"The files are down with the keeper," was the last thing I heard as the door closed behind me. I walked down the hallway, it had been renewed lately. Not that it was something I wanted I liked it the way it was old and with history. But it was apparently 'necessary' whatever that meant.

Walking through the pack house was like walking through a small community. Which it basically was but sometimes it got old having people around you all the time.

It took me a good 10 minutes to get down to the cells. "Hey William, do you have the the death listed records?" I asked William aka the keeper, he kept all the records of every wolf that had ever been down in the cells. "I sure do sir" he said while his eyes roamed around the desk, that was filled with stacks of papers. His eyes finally stopped and he pulled out a stack of about 6 files. It might not seem like a lot but sending 6 people to the executer was not the easiest thing in the world, no matter what they had done.

"Walk with me William," the first one we would view was prisoner 1328. They got their number from which kind of prisoner they were. So for example if you were in the thousands you were on the death list or could be in the near future, you could also be a rouge but they normally got on the death list. If you were in the hundreds you were a thief, extremely violent or traitor. If you were in the tens, you have just gotten in and they haven't decided if you needed to be in the hundreds or thousands. Then came the last number in your number that was just a scale on how bad your crime was. If you had 0 you were one of the worst, after that it just went down from 9 to 1. The numbers in between just said what number you were in the line

The prisoner we were looking at were a 8 on the list so one of the worst we had dealt with. "What's his crime William?" I asked him instead of reading the file it was to dark and I wanted every detail. "He raped a unmated female, sir" I nodded in understanding there wasn't anything he could do to get of the death list. I took the keys from William and unlocked the door, the stench that met me was normal but still horrible. He sat tied to a chair in the middle of the room, he wasn't asleep I could feel his heartbeat it was to fast. I walked in front of him and looked at him, he was once an average guy, but know he looked like a ghost; pale skin, sunk in eyes, and you could see his bones poking at the skin. He was already dying.

"Prisoner 1328 you were accused of raping a unmated female do you pledge guilty?" I said in a dead voice, wolfs like him made it a little easier to send someone to the executer.

He looked up at me and said "yes" without the smallest hint of remorse. I looked over over at William "mark him" I said and walked out, William was hot on my heels.

"Who's the next one William?" Said and kept walking forward the next cell. "It's prisoner 1333." "What did he do William?" He looked up at me and said "it's a girl, sir. She was accused of being a threat to the royal family." I looked at him, it was a girl? "Is she a rouge?" I asked hoping for a no. "Yes, sir. She was found trespassing at the south boarder, she got caught half way through the territory." I nodded while getting the key I needed.

I opened the door and a stench even worse than the one before came at me, but there was something else. Lilies and death. My wolf pressed at the surface, something was wrong. I rushed in acting on instinct, the sight that meet me was horrible. I'll never forget it. On the floor was the one person I was supposed to protect with all my being. I fell to my knees and pulled her to my chest, she fell lifelessly onto my chest. She was dying.


Word count: 1575

Not edited ( like at all)

Hope you liked it!🍓🍓

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