The first one

It's a side story to the assassins creed story after the first game

My name is Nassim Bitar Salib also known as the first one and I’m an assassin, or at least I was. Now I’m the head master of the rouge order. The rouge order is a sister order to the Templar order, we are such seen the Templar vision of the brotherhood, we are assassins who has seen the light of the ways of the Templars and joint them. The reason that I’m called the first one is the I was the first to be a rouge assassin and it was a long and hard journey to reach where I am today.


1. Masyaf – 1232

I was on my home from an assignment in Damascus, and the assignment did not go well at all. We walk into an ambush in Damascus and I lost my two brothers Khalid and Karim, I barely escape myself after they got killed. When I got back I was accused for treason, that I had sold my own brothers to the Templars. I was put to trail before my mentor Altair, and I was sentenced to exile I tried to explain my innocence but I was knocked out. I woke up in Jerusalem, stripped form my gear and my honor. I tried for years to get back to Masyaf, but every time I got a little close to it I was chased away by assassins. So, I knew that I couldn’t return to the brotherhood and explain my innocence. So, I returned to Damascus to find a now allied, and I can say I did.     

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