There's no time

It had been 3 years since Jacob Stone had been reported missing. It came as a shock to those who knew him best, as he was quite happy for the average 13 year old. I'm Daisy Thomas and I'm gonna tell you what actually happened to the him.

Daisy, Daniel and Christopher are mourning at their friend's funeral. But then a sinister figure emerges from the shadows of their small town. After many strange events, Daisy and her friends are soon swept up into a mystery that no one could even begin to imagine. It's not long before they realise that the clock is ticking, and for something's, there's no time...


32. Part 3 - Chapter 31

Heya dudes. HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎉 hope y'all ok. I've decided to keep publishing as some of ma mates have emailed me saying to keep going. We are 2/3 of the way through. More plot twists and the like. I've tried not to make it too dark and depressing. Hope you like it (:


Will's yells filled the night. I hoped that someone would hear them. That they'd come. Come and save us. It was an unlikely turn of events, but not impossible. They went on and on. In between the shrieks of pain, you could hear the clanking of the metal tools and Will's ragged deep breathing. I heard a nail being hammered to the wall. I had horrible visions of what was going on inside. The door swung open. Trinia's face was shining with sheer glee and her hands where covered in dark blood.

"Who's next?" She surveyed us all. "Hmmm, you'll do nicely." Her bloodied hands reached out towards Tarrin. As they passed under my nose I saw blue paint on them. What the heck was she doing in there?

Tarrin was dragged inside. I heard him gasp before the door was closed and bolted again. I was wondering if I was ever going to see them again. The screams restarted. It had been less than 10 minutes since Will's screaming. The only difference between them was their pitches. Will's where deeper than Tarrin's. I covered my ears and shook my head. I couldn't deal with it. These where people that I'd known for longer than I'd thought. Now they might be gone forever. No, they wouldn't.

Trinia wasn't going to. She'd threatened to kill them if anyone ran away. So that meant that there was no intention of death, didn't it? I dared to press one of my ears against the door. The screams had stopped, for now. I could hear the same tapping as before. I wanted to know what she was doing so badly. Well, I might end up taking that back, but still. Trinia reappeared in the doorway. "You have no idea how satisfying that is," she smiled serenely. "We've had two boys I think it's time for a girl now," her eyes swept across us once more. "I think it can only be the little Miss Thomas."

My time had come. I was going to see what it was that made Will and Tarrin scream. I allowed myself to be dragged in. I'd closed my eyes again. I wasn't so sure if I wanted to know anymore. Trinia turned me, then pinched me. My eyes snapped open. I screamed. The boy's body's where hanging on the wall in different positions with metal frames around them. They where covered in bloodied wounds. It was revolting. Even more horrible, was the fact that the colours of their skin had changed. Will had become blue and Tarrin was a bright orange.

"What have you done to them?" I cried. "You've, you've killed them."

Trinia giggled uncomfortably.

"No silly. I've just sprayed them with consciousness reliever. They aren't dead. It just puts them into a sort of comma." I backed away from her.

"Did, did you spray them with it before you, you tortured them?" She waved me away.

"Of course not, that wouldn't have been even half the fun. Come on. It's time to play."

She was advancing on me holding a small oval like clench. I tried to move away from her but I couldn't. My back was pressed against the wall. She was so close to me. Slowly she reached down and snatched up my left hand. Snapping open the metal oval, she clamped it round my knuckles. Through the whole process, her eyes didn't leave mine. She began tightening it, harder and harder. Tighter and tighter. I bit my lip. I wasn't going to scream. She turned it 3 times more. Reaching into her back pocket, she pulled out the scalpel. She plunged it in to the back of my hand. It came out the other side. I screamed so loud I thought that my eardrums might burst.

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