There's no time

It had been 3 years since Jacob Stone had been reported missing. It came as a shock to those who knew him best, as he was quite happy for the average 13 year old. I'm Daisy Thomas and I'm gonna tell you what actually happened to the him.

Daisy, Daniel and Christopher are mourning at their friend's funeral. But then a sinister figure emerges from the shadows of their small town. After many strange events, Daisy and her friends are soon swept up into a mystery that no one could even begin to imagine. It's not long before they realise that the clock is ticking, and for something's, there's no time...


25. Part 2 - Chapter 25

Hey guys. Sorry I was tired when I published that last chapter! It was Part 2 - not part 1 (: hope you liked it anyway!


It was strange. I was able to remember everything about my life with Will and Tarrin. Trinia looked taken aback. Maybe even scared. 

"You remember?" She looked at me cautiously. I had an advantage. I was changing the rules. I nodded.

"Yes, Tarrin's and my mum where best friends. We use to play together at the farm park every Friday. And then we started school. We went to go to different schools. We stopped seeing each other." I said looking at Tarrin sadly. He nodded looking down at his feet. 

"What about me?" Will murmured, "Do yo remember me."

"Yes," I said again. I did. "You where my boyfriend. We first met when your brother, Tom, almost drowned me at swim club." He laughed with relief. "We also went to art class together. All your paintings where dark and depressing," he smiled at me. I'd started to find my buried emotions for everyone. Except Rebecca, I still didn't know our full story. I would never forgive myself if anything ever happened to these new found friends. I was brought back down to earth by Trinia. She was rolling her eyes. 

"Yes, well that's all very touching, but we have work to do," she reached out towards a handle on the door.

"What do you mean?" Annabel asked before her fingers closed around it.

"Ok," said Trinia turning around. "Another question. Who can tell me what the agony paintings are?" I looked at Christopher. We all knew what they where. "And a bonus point for the person who can tell me the precise day the first one was painted." Christopher swallowed before speaking.

"They are paintings of non Muslim believers being tortured," he said shortly in a stiff voice. His uncle had been fighting in the ongoing war in Syria when he'd been killed. Not by bullet. But from many gruesome acts that had in the end, resulted in his death. He was the first person to ever be put in an agony painting. Trinia clapped.

"Correct, can you tell me the day?" He could. It was a very memorable day for him. "The 23rd of," he hesitated, voice catching, "of October 2016." He closed his eyes and bowed his head. It had been his birthday.

"Very good," said Trinia. 

"I still don't understand understand what that has to do with it," said Annabel sounding worried.

"Oh, that's because it was only a clue," she grinned evilly reaching towards the handle again. This time no one interrupted her. As she pulled it, a workbench unfolded covered in dangerous looking instruments. We understood why she'd given us the clue immediately.

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