There's no time

It had been 3 years since Jacob Stone had been reported missing. It came as a shock to those who knew him best, as he was quite happy for the average 13 year old. I'm Daisy Thomas and I'm gonna tell you what actually happened to the him.

Daisy, Daniel and Christopher are mourning at their friend's funeral. But then a sinister figure emerges from the shadows of their small town. After many strange events, Daisy and her friends are soon swept up into a mystery that no one could even begin to imagine. It's not long before they realise that the clock is ticking, and for something's, there's no time...


18. Part 2 - Chapter 18

The scene was a painful sight. I was sitting against the wall. I didn't know what to do. She was powerful. She'd shown her power to me already, through what she'd done to Daniel and I'd already had the full blast. Mrs Couper's numbing cream was starting to wear off. My ribs where killing me. A couple of meters away from me Daniel was still on the floor. He looked awful. As he gained consciousness you could see the pain twisting its way across his face. Trinia was right. He was in no fit state for anything.

On the opposite wall I could see my friends faces. All of them where terrified. Lydia, Annabel and Christopher. And then there where the 3 others. 2 guys and a girl. They looked as though they where my age. Maybe the girl was a year younger, at most. The boys where side by side. Almost a mirror image of each other. Even down to their clothes. Old jeans and a hoodie. Average height, high cheek bones, large brown eyes and long messy hair. The only difference was their hair  and hoodie colour. One jet black hair and a red top, the other a sandy blonde with a black hoodie. The girl on the other hand was like me. She had short brown hair. Though she didn't have corkscrews like me, the ends of her hair had a distinct curl to them. It was strange. I'd seen them all before, I was sure of it. Especially the girl.

"I bet you're confused." Trinia stood looking at me. Testingly. She was playing me. Waiting for me to make the next move before she made hers. The only way I was gonna win at her game was to change the rules. When I didn't answer or do anything, the familiar sneer crossed her face. "You know that you've seen these faces before, but where from?" She said stroking the red hoodied boys hair. "What if I give you some names, might that help?" I glared at her. I was helpless. I couldn't do anything. For now I'd just have to play along. 

"Ok, fine." She smiled and leaned in closer to the black haired boy.

"Well this cutie is called Tarrin," he was trying to recoil but he was already pressed up against the wall as much as it'd let him. Trinia giggled girlishly. "Isn't he adorable." She tickled his nose then went to the boy next to him. "This is Will," she said looking repulsed. "Sorry," she said to him. "It's nothing personal, I just don't like blondes," This boy, Will, was the only one in the room who didn't look scared. He just rolled his eyes and slouched against the wall. "Now last and least," she smiled evilly "we have little miss perfect, it's our very own Rebecca Stone." 

The girl was trying to put on a brave face. It wasn't working, her lip was quivering and it looked as though she was going to start crying any minute. "She's a real wimp, I would say it's nothing personal but honestly, it really is." I was really missing something here. It was like a ginormous jigsaw that had the edges and corners missing. Rebecca had the same surname as Jacob. That wasn't a coincidence. I couldn't see how it could be after all this. "Are there any bells ringing in that thick skull of yours?" I hesitated before I answering her. I had to be careful. I didn't want to sound cocky. I needed her to think she was winning.

"Um well, as you said, I recognise their faces. But even with names I can't put my finger on them." She smirked at me again.

"Of course you don't, you're as stupid as her," she said pointing at Rebecca. "In fact I reckon she gets it from you," she raised an eyebrow. 

"What did you say?" She'd got me.

"You heard me, I said she gets it from you." I was gaping now. So was everyone else. "After all, she is your daughter."

OOOOOOOOOOO, did anyone see THAT coming?

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