There's no time

It had been 3 years since Jacob Stone had been reported missing. It came as a shock to those who knew him best, as he was quite happy for the average 13 year old. I'm Daisy Thomas and I'm gonna tell you what actually happened to the him.

Daisy, Daniel and Christopher are mourning at their friend's funeral. But then a sinister figure emerges from the shadows of their small town. After many strange events, Daisy and her friends are soon swept up into a mystery that no one could even begin to imagine. It's not long before they realise that the clock is ticking, and for something's, there's no time...


7. Part 1 - Chapter 7

I found out the next morning. A message came through on my iPhone from Dan reading: 

Hi I've got my phone banned for the next 2 weeks. Christopher and I have got our camp for 2 weeks so we aren't gonna c u, sorry, u know my parents. C u in 2 weeks love u.

I replied 'love u 2' even though I knew he wouldn't read it for another couple of weeks.

Daniel and Christopher went on this camp every summer. It was called DTI. It was a Christianity worship camp for young teens. They both complained about how cold it always was. Daniel more so. His fingers and toes turned ghostly white when he got too cold. I had done hours of research and had come to the conclusion that Daniel had Reynauds. I had evidence too. I'd visited loads of websites and had written this essay:

During an attack of Raynaud's, affected areas of your skin usually first turn white. Then, the affected areas often turn blue and feel cold and numb. As you warm and circulation improves, the affected areas may turn red, throb, tingle or swell. The order of the color changes isn't the same for everyone, and not everyone experiences all three colours. Raynaud's is a common disorder. About 1 in 20 people develop Raynaud's phenomenon. Up to 9 in 10 cases are primary Raynaud's. Primary Raynaud's usually first develops in teenagers and young adults, but it can develop at any age.

If your symptoms fail to improve, you may be prescribed nifedipine. This is the only medicine licensed to treat Raynaud's phenomenon in the UK. It doesn't cure Raynaud's, but can help to relieve the symptoms. Nifedipine is a calcium channel blocker – a type of medication that encourages the blood vessels to widen.

I remembered our end of year 8 school trip to Drayton Manor 3 years ago. We'd gotten off the log flume when I looked down at Daniels freezing hand in mine. It was paler than parchment. I dug £2 out of my pocket and started up one of the 'get dry here' stations. I'd pressed his fingers up against the red heat spot to warm them. It took 10 before his fingers started to regain colour. Daniel had said that it happened all the time and that I was over reacting. At first I thought maybe I was, but now I am almost certain that I'm right.

I'd sent the mini essay to him and made him get checked for reynauds. So far he'd been proved as positive. This camp would be the final test to see if he did. The local doctor had prescribed him with Nifedipine. He would take it while he was on camp to see if they improved his circulation. If they did then I may have just saved my boyfriend and his family from a lot of pain.

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