There's no time

It had been 3 years since Jacob Stone had been reported missing. It came as a shock to those who knew him best, as he was quite happy for the average 13 year old. I'm Daisy Thomas and I'm gonna tell you what actually happened to the him.

Daisy, Daniel and Christopher are mourning at their friend's funeral. But then a sinister figure emerges from the shadows of their small town. After many strange events, Daisy and her friends are soon swept up into a mystery that no one could even begin to imagine. It's not long before they realise that the clock is ticking, and for something's, there's no time...


15. Part 1 - Chapter 15

After almost another hour I thought I'd leave it. Maybe they were playing a stupid game. I'd been back to the house, but they weren't there. I decided that to take my mind off things, I'd go and visit Lydia and Annabel. They'd said I was free to come round any time before 7. I caught the bus to the neighbouring town. Following the directions that Annabel had texted me a couple of weeks ago, I found the small cottage that belonged to her grandma. 

I remember Annabel had taken me there once when we where little. She wanted to prove to me that her grandma made the best pancakes ever. Boy was she right. I could still smell the aroma from all those years ago when we'd been waiting at the table. Her house was traditional with white walls on the outside and a thatch roof. The kitchen was painted in a pale light green with a small round table in the middle. It had a red and white checked table cloth with some flowers in the middle. It was as though it had been 3D printed out of a story book. 

It was exactly the same as it had been when we were kids. It had a little steel door knocker that had a rose engraved into it that I pushed against the door twice. An elderly lady came to the door. She fixed me with a stony glare.

"I don't want to buy your stupid tea towels," she said waving me away. When I told her I was a friend of Annabel's her face softened and she apologised. "Sorry, I've just had so many people selling me random things that I don't need lately, it's getting on my nerves,"

 I told her that I understood. Then I introduced myself and she looked as confused as Nathan's mum. "Well, that's worrying, because they went to visit you almost 4 hours ago," what was happening?

"Oh, ok," I said "it's quite possible that I left as they arrived so, um, I'll go and look for them," I turned and walked back the way I'd come and caught the next bus home.

This was too much to be a coincidence. Something was really up for everyone to go missing. But where had they gone, why where they  gone. Nothing made sense! The bus slowed and I got off. The roads where empty and I couldn't see anyone around. When I knocked on Daniel's door, no one answered it. It was so confusing. Suddenly I felt a quaver. It wasn't in the ground, more like the air. Not a gentle breeze or a gust of wind. It was a short disturbance. Seconds later it stopped and was replaced by a sort of magnetic pull.

I followed it. It was pulling me to the edge of town, there was still no one around. It was probably around 4:00 in the afternoon by now. I wasn't sure because my watch had died in the magnetic field and my phone wasn't turning on. The pull was getting stronger. It was so strong now that it was like walking through water. After another 5 minutes I had arrived at my destination. I was standing outside the stables.

Hey guys. That's me published parts 1 of 3! Thanks for all the READS! (: Didn't realise it was up to 390 already!

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