True Friends


2. The Pink Haired Girl


Chapter 2

Here I am, perching uncomfortably on my crisp bed sheets. I stare down at my timetable, calculating what times I will need to get out of bed and not be late to my lessons. I quickly decide hiding in my room is not the most reliable way of making a good impression when someone eventually comes to find me (or should so I say hopefully comes to find me). So, in conclusion, I pick myself up and scoot into the living room area, which had an open kitchen in the corner. I look around, sigh, and then retreat back to my room. I could at least unpack, I thought. So I chuck my earphones in and start sifting through the huge black lump I call my suitcase. I neatly place everything away in the small wardrobe and the bedside drawer provided for me, dancing as I go. I'm in the zone, jamming to my favourite Mamore song, letting all my problems leave me, until "Excuse me!" I hear behind me, I rip my headphones off and turn around, seeing the pink haired girl stood laughing hysterically at me. I immediately turn red, laughing too. "Oh my gosh, that's so embarrassing." I cry. The pink haired girl sniffles at me, calming down, "Honestly, it's fine. We love wacky girls here. I'm Bella." She smiles. "I'm Bonnie... nice to meet you. Glad you got to see my awkward dance moves so soon!" I cringe but laugh anyway. "How long have you been here, Bon? I'm calling you Bon, I hope you don't mind." 
"No, I don't mind. I've been here about 30 minutes." 
"Did you see me sleeping?" She starts laughing again.
"No, I didn't even know anyone was here... as you can tell!" I lie but laugh with her. 
"That's so hilarious, I can't wait to tell everyone else." 
"Who?" I ask, wondering whether she's going to go and spread vicious rumours about me.
"The rest of the squad! You'll meet them. Lanie is your other roommate and then next door there's Ruben and then Grayson who lives down the hall, but they're all cool." Bella claps and then grabs my arm, pulling me out the room. "So this is where we chill, usually where the squad hangs." We walk around the tired looking sofas that are sunken and placed facing each other with a brown table in the middle. Bean bags are sprung around the room too, in every colour. We move to the kitchen. "This is where you can eat everything your heart desires." She smirks at me and then leads me to the middle room. "Lanie's room." And then finally to the last bedroom. "Mine, beautiful." She starts showing me her posters and signed records and all of her other bits of sentimental scrap she has laying in her room. All the rooms are so small that their just about big enough for a full functioning toddler, not to mention boring. The walls are pale and the floors are all the same rough beige carpet. I'm guessing that's why they've all been plastered with posters. 


"So what time is the other girl coming back? Is her name..?" I ask, we're sat on the sofa while Bella tries to explain how the lessons here are really tough, but all I could think about was my roommates. I had to find out some way what the others girls name was, I couldn't make that bad of an impression by not remembering a girls name could I? I probably could. "Lanie." She says, smiling, holding her mouth firmly together. I nod and smile too, while she stares at me, blankly. "Uh..." I mutter and think of a new topic to talk about. "Aw! You're nervous to meet her aren't you?" Bella howls, sympathetically. "Oh, no." I awkwardly muse but she doesn't listen. "Of course I'm a little nervous but I'm fine, honestly." I continue. "There's nothing wrong with it." She grins, shrugging and then getting up... finally. "Anyway you go do you. Get your stuff unpacked, I did interrupt earlier."
"Alright." I reply, scooting off to my bedroom. I piece together all my stuff, ordering it neatly into my huge brown wardrobe, (which is a little too huge for the sizing of the room already). I sift through more bits and pieces I'd taken, and some how managed to arrange everything so it looked fairly neat. My room had plain white sheets tucked perfectly around my bed, a overfilled wardrobe drooling clothes from its door and a small picture frame sitting on my night stand, surrounded by a necklace, a plaster, a water bottle, rings, tissues and a packet of haribos. Maybe I didn't think through where all that would go, so now its place is right next to my bed. I zipped shut my now empty suitcase and shoved it underneath the bed, along with an additional pair of converse. 


"Hey!" I hear a loud american female voice pierce the silence and a slam of the door. Lanie. It must be Lanie. I go to leave my room, but hesitate, and go back to my wardrobe to make it look as though I was busy. "I brought the drinks bitch!" I hear the same voice and then a hush from Bella. "The new girls here." I hear Bella now and the sound of bottles clonking in a bag. I leap towards the door, and gently open it, revealing myself. There was me, stood alone and two girls, staring back at me. Lanie had long muddy coloured  blonde hair with dark roots, a stripy tight dress on, brown muddy boots and lacy socks up to her knee. She had bracelets twisted round each wrist and a bright choker hiding in between her tangled hair. We stood, all three of us, staring, for what felt like forever. "Hi" I smiled, awkwardly, "You must be Lanie?" 
"That's me! What's your name?" She squealed again with her american accent. 
"That name is perfect, oh wow, you're so pretty. I love your hair by the way." Lanie complemented, it felt like she was picking up on everything, I was waiting for at least some criticism. Lanie is sour, not the sour like she's not nice, the sour that means she's a little too sweet. So sweet she makes you cringe. I thought Bella was full-on, but Lanie is too much. She wouldn't stop touching and twirling and tapping on everything I had. I spent the next forty minutes listening to Bella tell her the whole story of how she caught me dancing in my room. I cringed again, thanks to Bella. Lanie found it hilarious, she couldn't stop laughing for ages after, it became unfunny. 

"Oh Bon, you're so cute." Bella smiled as their comedy session came to a close. 
"You really are!" Lanie added, like I couldn't be patronised enough. "I've known you for like an hour and I'm in love. You're definitely one of us." 
"Ah, well thanks guys, It's nice to have made friends so soon." I replied kindly, which it was nice, I wasn't pretending, I needed some strong friends to make sure I didn't get any bother in this new place. I definitely liked them, they were a little like me, quirky and unique but I'm way too socially awkward to be as bubbly and overwhelming like them. Yet again, they have each other to bounce off, eventually I'll have friendships that will break my barriers... I hope, I pray. 
"Well tonight, as it's Friday we will be having our usual get together." Bella spoke, looking at Lanie to elaborate.
"Yes, here in our room with us, Ruben and Grayson. Our squad. A few drinks, food, it's always a chill time." 
"I thought Aaron was coming." Bella gave Lanie a confused look. Aaron... Aaron was the guy who showed me to my room and saved me from hell. I hoped it was the same guy at least. He was gorgeous, besides he was so lovely, I feel like I could get to know him more. 
"I know Aaron! He showed me to my room earlier..." I blurted out but they looked at me as if I'd just killed someone. 
"Aaron? Oh right yeah, when?" Bella stared at me. 

"Earlier. When I came." I blinked, going quieter. 
"I'm good friends with him actually he's coming tonight" Bella butted in and I quickly retreat to not speaking. She jumped on me then as if she was some lion and I stole her meat. Lanie looked at Bella with a concerned expression. I think me and Lanie both sensed Bella's defensiveness when I spoke about Aaron. 
"Anyway so that will be about eight tonight so..." 
"Yeah I'm gonna go and make a call anyway." I smiled awkwardly and backed off into my room.



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