True Friends


1. Introduction ~ January, Day 1 at Dermings

January 12th 2015

Keep walking and don't stop. I keep telling myself. And guess what? It won't work, I can already hear them, muttering as I'm walking down the path; I'm walking fast. I know I can hear them and I know how distracted I am by their invalid opinions but just like I always do, I pretend I have no idea. That's what I learnt in life. Don't listen to a word of anything because who gives a shit? (Other than them of course). But besides, clearly, if you're not blonde and you don't have double D's then you're disliked because you're not good enough. Oh and if you are blonde and you do have double D's you're disliked too, and this time because you're too good. Girls don't like girls stealing their shine just like girls don't like girls stealing their guy. So now you know Mom why I'm so excited for a new college. You're welcome. 


"Miss Judson. How are we?" The tall lady says flashing her pink lip gloss at me, when I walk into the Principle's office. "I'm good, thank you." I smile, trying my hardest to not look sarcastic. "Take a seat, take a seat." I stumble around with my suitcase and finally sit myself onto a brown leather arm chair in front of her desk. 'Mrs. L Berry.' It says on her golden name plate placed right in front of me. "So, Bonnie, is it?" She asks, eyes gleaming now at me, proudly. "Yes".
She bats her eye lids a few times around her desk then goes back to her computer, "Bonnie, Bonnie..." She mumbles to herself, "Ah, Bonnie. Here we are. Now, you've been assigned with roommates, as you know we confirmed with you last week and just to confirm, are you down for room 208?" She says, eyes moving back on forth on her screen. I look down at the paper in my hand, scamming and there- 208. "Correct." 
"Very good. Right so I'm Principle Berry, I am here for anything you might need along with all staff across our campus. We also have many students here who would help you with anything, okay, Bonnie?" She looks so angry when she talks for some reason. "I understand, yes. Thank you Principle Berry." 
"Alright darling, so I need to give you this note, take this to the-" Now she's scribbling on some paper she pulled out of nowhere, "Door on the left just outside here, to get your own room key, okay?" I nod slightly, and then back myself up out of her enclosed office, I walk through the door with the rumble of my suitcase following me. "Anything, just ask." Principle Berry she stands, looking at me, with pitty and sympathy for me. I know I look a mess. I'm lost, confused and trying to get me and my luggage out such a tiny door without destroying a cabinet full of prize possessions. Thing is, it's 6 months into the academic year, that's a whole 6 months of friendships and cliques created- without me. I moved college because the one I was at (Potterfield) wasn't a big fancy campus as this one, it was small, non-residential and quite frankly a piece of shit. Not to mention, all my Mother ever wants is for me to have a good education so I've been moved. Involuntarily moved.

I peer through the little window of the door named 'Accommodation Office' I tap on the window, the lady at the desk is a little less... alive as Principle Berry next door. This small hunched woman with her glasses so far along her nose they're defying gravity looks a little less high on life. She looks up so I walk in, smiling, awkwardly, handing her the paper. She looks at me, then the note, then me and then opens her drawer. I hear a sweet chime of keys hitting each other, and then she hands me my key and a few other pieces of paper that i'll never need. "Thank you." I try to smile again, and leave. I hear her voice croak "No worries." as I creep out. I look down at the map of the campus and where my room is, fire exits and escape routes. I blink at them for a second, and then scurry up the corridor and leave through the side doors to go to the college flats. 

My heart is racing as I make it down the path, I see no students so far, I think maybe most classes are on and nobody will be around and I can make it up there without confrontation. I take a deep breathe and quickly check myself in my reflection. My dark purple dip dye hair sweeps over my face. I nod at myself and think "You can do this Bonnie." I hurry up the steps, struggling with my suitcase, and into the flats. I reach the door and it wouldn't open. I tug and tug but it won't budge. Are they locked? I clamber back down the steps, pondering what I should do now, but nothing sprung to mind. I look around, for anyone, anything, but nothing. I search a little around the side of the huge building, but again nothing, so I turn around. Walking up the steps was a tall teenage male, black hair in a bun and slight stubble, his huge ear stretcher dangling down. I look at him as he speeds up the steps and I follow, "I think it's locked!" I squeal, weirdly and then quickly regreting what I just did. I tried to sound normal too much I ended up being the furthest away from it. I cough and clear my throat. "It's locked... I think." I speak much quieter now. "Locked?" He questions, scrunching up his nose. He lifts his hand and presses something against a little black sensor thing near the door, a beep sounds and he opens it. "Oh." I frown. He opened the door, turned around and smiled at me, holding it open as he goes. I peer at what was in his hand. "It's a little chip to get in." The guy tries to explain. "So where's mine?" I mutter rhetorically. "Are you staying in this block?" He asks. "I am. I was given a key for a room in here." He looks at the keys in my hand. "It's right there!" He points out, my keys hung in my hand and a little black key ring attached, and I realised. I never felt so utterly stupid until now. "Right... Oh. Oh my god. Sorry, I'm so-" I stutter, shaking my head. "Aw, so you're new!" He blurts. "Yeah, just started today actually." I nod, and look around the floor and then back up to the random guy who saved me. "Cool, I'm Aaron by the way." He smiles and his hand lies flat to shake mine. I smile, take his hand and shake it. "I'm Bonnie, nice to meet you."  
"And you. Nice hair by the way." Aaron compliments, walking to the lift. "Purple- it's nice." I can't tell whether I like the kindness, I can't even tell if he's serious. "Thank you." I reply anyway, following him. "I'm in 208." I say as we enter the lift. "Second floor." He mumbles, pressing "2" on the lift. We go up and he exhales, leaning on the lift walls. "Which floor you in?..on?" I stutter again but get myself back together. He laughs a little, "2. I'm in 200" I give an assertive nod and the lift doors slide open, revealing a modern style corridor, it's empty. I make a sigh of relief as now I know I can make it to my door and get settled before everyone comes back. We leave the lift and I walk slightly behind him, and suddenly realise I'm following him. I presumed he was going to show me to my door, but how stupid will I look just following. Seeming so obsessive. I look at the doors we pass and read 204, 205, 206. He really was walking me to my room! By now we've passed his door, 200 would be at the other end of the hall. "See, you're the last door at this end and I'm the last door at that end." He chirps, pointing to the other end of the corridor. "That's funny." I smile, "Before you go, do you know who my roommates are?" I blink. He pauses, "Oh, yeah actually their good friends with my mates. We're mutual friends. I hang with them sometimes." He goes a little unsure with it and looks around. "Bella. And the other one, Lanie." 
"Are they... nice?" I ask.
"They're wild. But nice enough." He shrugs again.
"I see. Well, thanks."
"He starts backing away to his door now, "Cya around anyway... Bonnie."
"Bye, thanks for your help." We exchange smiles and I fit my key through the lock and turn it. It wouldn't turn. Could it be now that life hates me even more and my key is faulty. I try the door for good measure- and it's unlocked. I shake of my doubts as I must have unlocked it when I didn't notice. I walk in, looking around, belongings like hoodies and bags lying around in random places. Polaroid photographs sprung up on the wall. It wasn't exactly messy, just... homely. I creep in, lightly, and look around, feeling so un-welcomed it was unreal. I looked around, to the small kitchen and then open the first tiny door in the corner, it was empty, but seriously tiny. I gathered that was my room. I left my suitcase and my jacket in there and continued my tour. I opened the next door, posters all over the walls and I immediately wanted to know what bands my roommate was into. They were all bands I'd never heard of, so I left, quickly making my self look as innocent as I could. I wondered on into the last room, creaking the door open and seeing right in front of me, pink hair sitting messily over the pillow. The bed covers all crumpled in the shape of a person. My eyes widened and I quickly got out of there, shutting the door carefully so I didn't wake up the pink haired girl.

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