I stood in the mirror trying to figure out who is this that stared back at me

"Who am I ? , Who have I become?" Is the questions I asked myself everyday but I couldn't seem to answer myself.

After serval minutes of the same questions I decided to go back to bed. I layed aside a man I have now come to LOVE.


•Who is Dionisa Maldonado?

•Who is Adriano Cassano ?

•What is love ?

•Most of all would Dionisa and Adriano be able to survive through these harsh moments of Temptation ?



1. Chapter1- Man Down


I had just stepped out the cab when the cool wind sent chills over my skin. I stood in the same spot for about five minutes after realising how long the line was.

"No way I'm standing in this long ass line". I mumbled to myself before approaching the front of the line.

Every one eyed me up and down as if i was crazy. When I made it to the front the bouncer stepped in my way.

"Back of the line please". The big husky guy pleaded. I looked at him and giggled to myself. Me , back of the line.

"Excuse me sir I'll like to enter now". I tryed saying camly but it still came out a bit snappy.

"Who do you think you are"? He then asked. I thought he was a bit curious but the tone of his voice showed he had no care at all.

I smiled ."Dionisa".

"So that doesn't mean-" the husky guy started but was quickly cut off.

" Maldonado".I spoke with much confidence. The man eyes widened in sudden shock. The man then moved aside.

"Sorry I had no-". But before the man could finish I walked inside ignoring his sorrow.

I didn't know much about my mother or father but my grandparents back home in Honduras always told me that my last name held great value and was well respected across the nation. But I had no clue if that was true or not until one-day lastweek when I used my last name to get front row tickets at a beyonce concert.

When i made it to the bar I sat on one of the light shaded black stools and ordered two rounds of Hennessy blended with a little Coca-Cola. As I downed each shot my eyes scanned the room and to my surprise I grabbed the attention of many men standing and sitting around.

My eyes stopped on one men in particular and this time is wasn't a surprise that his eyes were glued to me. For some reason i couldn't peel my eyes away as if he had me in a trance. My eyes travled down to his lips as a smirk formed into his face. I saw his figure began to move but I thought maybe my eyes was playing tricks on me. I rubbed my eyes again and again but when I opened them I could no longer see him from afar. I continue to scan the room looking for him hoping to see him at least just once more.

"Looking for me". The voice sounded from my right. I turned to my side to see him sitting on the stool beside me.

I ignored him ordering another round but this time of Peach flavored vodka.

"Nice choice , in fact my favorite". He spoke with a sound of laughter in his voice.

I looked up at him. "Is... that... so"? I asked slurring my words. The man looked at me with a expression of worry.

"Hay nick , no more liquor for her". The man called to the bartender.

It took me a minute or two to realize that the man just denied me my right to drink. I turned to my side ready to defend myself but to my dismay the man was gone.

Whatever. I thought. I stood ready to exit the club but could no longer hold my bladder so i walked down by the door and discovered a long hallway. When I made it to the end of the hallway I scratched my eyebrows in a bit of confusion when I realized it was a two way hall.

The rest room gotta be on one of these hallways.

I decided to turn right when I made the turn I sighed in disbelief another long hallway. I walked down the hall it was multiple doors but not one door said restroom or ladies room. I was about to exit the hall when I heard talking coming from one of the rooms. The person who spoke sounded very distant so I could not make out the words that were being said. I thought maybe the room was available to enter so I slightly opened the door.

I had no clue to what I was about to witness. A man in a black suit stood with his back facing me holding another man at gunpoint.

I wacthed and listened carefully as they both spoke back and forward to eachother. I tried to be as quiet as possible trying my best not to make a sound.

That's when it hit me I recognized the man being held a gun point.

Jeez. This man was taking way to long just to shoot someone.

I only waited a second before pulling my gun from my gun holster which was located underneath my dress.

From where I was standing I had the perfect aim. I fired one shot shooting the man in his head.

I walked out from the corner I was in as the man lifeless body hit the ground.

"What the fuck". The holder of the gun turned around just a bit shocked to see me.

I gave him a smug look as he raised an eyebrow at me.

"Who are you"? He questioned. "The women from the bar". He reasoned with himself.

"It dosent matter who I am". I stated. "The only thing that matter is that this sorry excuse of a man is dead". I stated codly pointing to the body.

"This-". He started but was interrupted by the screeching of the opening door.

A blonde man walked in. Looking me up and down as a smirk played on his lips.

"Adriano" the blonde man spoke.

"What greg"? Adriano snapped.

Both men looked at me as I scanned the room. I know I have these men clueless about me but that's the way it needs to be.

"Greg get this cleaned up". Adriano stated.

Greg walked over to observe the body before finally speaking. "Looks like the job of a woman".

"This is the job of a woman you pest". Adriano spoke harshly.

Greg raised his eyebrows at me. Then he chuckled after I nodded assuring him it was me.

I had not noticed Adriano had left the room until he re-entered.

"This was my job to handle". He spoke to me. "Greg".

He gave Greg something in a small black box. After that Greg disappeared. Well that's at least what I thought until I felt a sharp pain in my neck.

"How...Could -" I slurred my words before completely falling to Darkness.


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