Female Warfare


1. Feminism

I never asked to feel the way I do when a man passes me on a quiet road, or to feel as if I should dress to protect myself rather than impress myself. I was never asked to take up less space than a man because it was assumed I always would because I always did. I was never asked to pull my skirt down, but I did because my bare skin felt like a sin and the eyes on my body felt the equivalent to a public execution. I never asked to be touched but apparently if I'm unable to say no it means yes, hear me when I say a jury agrees silence means consent. They never asked why I didn't take stand, they just assumed I was a slut who was just too shy to ask for it. The questions they did ask were invasive. Was I born the 'odd way' I was, or 'was our sex was weird'. I married a woman in my early thirties, a blank canvas for a stained soul. They asked if our love was tainted, or if I cut my hair to seem 'less straight'. They always asked and they always pried. So many questions, yet they never ask if my childhood perception of men ever made me fear a life of submission.

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