Skulduggery pleasant- The Night Before Christmas

What will happen to Valkrie this time as life, love and her double identity gets in the way on the night before Christmas?
(Valkrie is 18 in this story and Darquesse is talking to her)


7. Who Am I?

"They will return eventually but she just needs time" came a voice that was neither male or female.

"I don't care, will she be okay that's what I care about" came a voice as smooth as velvet, she could listen to that voice all day.

"She will be fine but she just needs time." Came the other voice again.

"Okay thanks Nye." Came the velvet voice.

She heard footsteps and was pretty sure it was the one called Nye who left. Then she sensed that someone was beside her. So carefully she opened her eyes and screamed when she saw the skull towering over her. She ran and pressed herself up against the wall breathing hard while the skeleton stood there looking at her. At least she thought that it was looking at her- it could be looking at anything for all she knew.

"Hey hey it's okay" that velvet voice again. She wondered how it could talk, I mean it's mouth moved when it spoke but it had no tongue.

"" she stammered moving closer to the wall as the skeleton took a cautious step towards her.

"Sssshhhhh it's okay I swear I'm not going no hurt you." And it took another step towards her.

"No no no no no go away you, you THING!" She said and started moving even more away from the skeleton.

" it's alright I'm a person and I absolutely promise you" and once again it took another step towards her,"I'm Skulduggery Pleasant and most people say I'm quite nice!"

She looked into his eye socket as it took another step and showed it the fear through her eyes and it stopped.

"I won't hit you I promise ok?"

Something in the voice clicked something in her brain and she somehow knew that he wasn't an it and he wasn't going to hurt her.

"O.....okay..." she said. And that slow cautious walk started towards her again. When he neared he crouched so he was eye level with her.

"See that wasn't that bad was it?" He said, his voice soft. And she couldn't help it, she started crying.

"Hey sshhhhh it's alright see?" He said and pulled her into a hug. It was weird hugging a skeleton but she liked it. He then gently lifted her into his arms and she remembered something! Valkyrie gasped softly as she remembered her name. Valkyrie Cain! Of course! Why hasn't she remembered it before!

The skeleton names Skulduggery set her down back on the bed where she was before and he sat down next to her. With an arm around her shoulders she he started to stroke her hair.

"You know? The only good thing about this is that before you never let me stroke your hair!" He chuckled. She smiled faintly and suddenly realised how tired she was and before she could stop herself she gave a huge yawn and threw her legs on the bed but did so that her head fell on skulduggery's lap.

As he looked down at her and played with her hair, she realised what he was wearing. It was a classic suite with a tie. What an odd thing to wear for a skeleton to wear.

"Do you want me to tell you a story?" He asked gently.

"No maybe tomorrow, I'm too tired for a story but you can sing me a lullaby if you want, that might help me remember something but before you do guess what?"


"When you carried me I remembered my name. It's Valkyrie. Valkyrie Cain."

"That's good progress. Are you tired yet?"

She yawned to answer him and he stopped playing with her hair and stroked it instead. And in the faintest little voice he sang her Mr and Mrs Brown. She fell asleep to his voice and something in her head told her that it wasn't for the first time...

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