Skulduggery pleasant- The Night Before Christmas

What will happen to Valkrie this time as life, love and her double identity gets in the way on the night before Christmas?
(Valkrie is 18 in this story and Darquesse is talking to her)


11. Old Acquaintances...

Took you long enough!

Why....just why and how...

Ahhh so many questions so little time. But how about I make time!

Then suddenly Valkyrie wasn't in the infirmary anymore. She didn't have her cornflakes and Skulduggery wasn't there. She was... nowhere. It was just a blank canvas.

I can see into your most wanted desires....

Valkyrie was suddenly in Crooke park and snow was falling all around her. In the distance two figures danced softly to the music of a soft tune by an old woman playing a flute somewhere in the distance. Valkyrie had seen this many of times when the nightmares didn't come. She sighed of happiness as an image of her and Fletcher danced closer to where Valkyrie was standing. They slowed down and the image of Valkyrie rested her head on Fletchers chest as he swayed slightly to the music.

"I could just stay here forever," said The image of Valkyrie softly.

"Who's stopping us?" Said Fletcher with a wink and they started to dance once again.

Snow continued to fall around them and the music slowed and dimmed until you could hear it no more. They danced for a few minutes longer then came to a rest at a bench. The image of Valkyrie snuggled up to Fletcher who was gently stroking her cheek with his thumb giving that cute impish grin of his.

"I love you Fletcher," the image of Valkyrie said, "I've been meaning to tell you a long time but I just didn't have the words to say it. I know I've done bad things and not always treated you as I should but can you forgive me?"

He looked down at her and whispered in the faintest of voices, "Val I've been waiting to hear those words for a while now. And I've been meaning to tell you too, I love you Val- I never stopped loving you and now I can see that I never will, so will you be mine?"

To answer him her image smiled and kissed him lightly once on the lips, "always." She whispered. Fletcher brought the kiss in and started to kiss her back but passionately this time. Careful not to break the kiss he stood up pulling the image of Valkyrie with him. He hoisted her up onto his waist, still kissing her, and teleported into the hotel suite that they had escaped to many times in the past when nobody was watching. He gently carried her to bed then.......

I can also see into your darkest fears...

Valkyrie was now in the middle of a forest. It was misty and cold, so Valkyrie had to pull her jacket around her even tighter.

" th...this!" She chattered. She knew this surrounding she knew what was going to happen next. Then just when she thought it wasn't going to happen, that Darquesse had spared her, she heard that crunch crunch crunch of the boots and a figure in black stepped into the clearing.

"Hello Val," said Skulduggery Pleasant, "to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"You've changed," she said as she felt as though she was going to cry, "your not the Skulduggery I met six years ago. But please, please don't do this. Think of all those times we had together....just don't!"

He cocked his head. "We met before that Val. I used to take care of you when you were three- I used to make you happy, feed you, the whole shebang! And I and admit I adored you!And all this time, you were the one that was going to destroy the world!" He took his gun out from his hidden holster behind his back and aimed it right between her eyes, "why should I show you mercy?"

"Please, please no! I can fight her I...."

He clicked the safety off the gun and rested his gloved finger on the trigger, "sorry Val but today is just not a good day to be a bad guy." And then he pulled the trigger....

Funny, your biggest fear is the person you love the most- what a messed up girl you are Valkyrie. But remember that. I know your fears, your desires, your dreams- because face it or not I am YOU. And you are going to destroy the world....

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