Skulduggery pleasant- The Night Before Christmas

What will happen to Valkrie this time as life, love and her double identity gets in the way on the night before Christmas?
(Valkrie is 18 in this story and Darquesse is talking to her)


9. Is Threatening Really That Threatening?

I sat down in Mists office just thinking. I don't do that often but I thought of Fletcher stealing the girl I love. I thought of what I saw happen to the girl I love and I also thought how I overheard Skulduggery talking to Nye about Val. It seems as though she has amnesia. That poor, beautiful girl. She's been through thick and thin and saved the world but nobody seems to cut her the slack she deserves. I'm starting to get bored just sat here, thinking. Besides apart from Val my life is a complete and utter disaster. I start to wander down the corridor when I hear Val's voice. It was so quiet that I thought I was going nuts.

"Come out. Come out!" She whispered.

I took a peek in the room and saw a figure crouched in the dark and Val on the bed whispering to it. My eyes adjusted to the light and before I could warn Val Davina Marr stands in the light.

"Hey sweetie," She smirked, "you miss me?"

Before I know what I'm doing I slam into Davina and take her down to the floor. I keep slamming her horrible little head in the floor with all of my strength. Just to see if Val was alright I allowed myself to have a peek at her, she was sat right up, knees to her chest with her arms wrapped around them tightly and she was rocking slightly murmuring something I couldn't hear. Before I could utter a word Davina flipped me onto my back and now she was on top of me grinning like a lunatic as blood gently tricked down from her head and onto her grey t-shirt.

"Your a strong lad aren't you?" She puffed, " I've got to admit, you almost had me there but guess what big guy? Your just not strong enough"

Before I could react the shadows curled around me and I could tell by the look of shock on Davina's face that it wasn't her doing. I quickly looked at Val and her face was strained, shadows around her playing with her luscious black hair...It was magnificent. She was helping me. She was getting rid of Davina..... then the shadows crashed down on me. It was like all my nightmares had just ran at me asking to play. But they came at such speed with such grace that I didn't care about the nightmares. By the time that the shadows had settled in their original position I realised that I was in the middle of the Sahara Desert.... I'm not ready to die I thought. I don't want to die out here. Why did Val do this to me? I can't understand it. The heat was blazing and as I started walking it became so unbearable that I just had to take off my T-shirt and abandon it. Well that was a waste of 25 quid. I got that t-shirt at the football stadium at Crooke park. That fist time I saw Val. I sighed of happiness at the memory and then I became determined to get back to her. To protect her. Calean may have failed at being her guardian angel, but I wasn't going to fail. Filled with all the anger I can must I go back and pick up my t-shirt and brush the sand off it. Wrapping it around my waist I set off and think to myself let's do this!

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