Septum Mortalia

a poem based in a fictional city of sin.


1. septum mortalia


bloody ink on my walls spell Suicide

you rubbed my name in the dirt and you crucified

my words and made me seem like a person who's always caught up in a lie

they even did it to Jesus Christ

so I sit on my knees with my hands up to the skies

and I pray hard to the Lord up high 


protect me from the ghosts in this city

save me from the seven sins so deadly

and let me escape with my sight

don't leave me in the dark moody night


bloody fingerprints on my wall make me an exorcist

i'm just a normal twisted anarchist

I stand with my back in the fog and feel the mist 

settle on my skin like a second kiss

but I cover myself from the deadly fist

of Death that comes at me and puts my neck in a twist


who am I?

just a lonely soul lost away in the shadows

so let me tell you now there's no need to follow

me into the depths of the cruel night

I fly alone on the wing like an iridescent kite




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